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MeWe – The New Private Network

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

MeWe – The New Private Network

The more knowledgeable amongst you will have noticed a new social media icon in our lists. Time to introduce you to MeWe! declares itself as a social network with full privacy in mind, unlike Facebook or Twitter where we have seen a marked upturn in adverts and articles that are presumed relevant to you.

Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp are well known for having their little spies looking at you, and Facebook especially censors any content that they deem to be questionable in regards to sexuality, race and extremism. That other social network – Tumblr – has just started employing the same censorship terms.

The problem with these networks – even though they CLAIM to protect your privacy – cannot conceivably do so. Otherwise, you’d see no ads or relevant content – hence you’re being spied on over there.

Enter MeWe – the social network that has no ads, hardly any censorship, and makes any money that it earns from their own in-house extensions.

MeWe would seem to be the first nail in the coffin for Tumblr for instance, who have received a backlash due to their new ‘non-sexual’ policy, and are finding that their customers are going over to MeWe in droves.

We were in fact going to use this photo for the header image, but considered that Facebook and Tumblr might take offence to it:

Too hot for Facebook and Tumblr?

The one thing we noticed when trying out our new social media icon, is that you will get taken over to the MeWe homepage unless you have an account over there – ie you cannot spy on accounts unless you have your own account.

You will also need to ‘send a connection’ to view our content, but as we mentioned earlier this is essential for privacy reasons.

A Couple of Videos About MeWe

We’ve managed to find a couple of videos about this new social network – and surprise surprise, we needed to pop over to Vimeo to find any content.

Then, of course, we realised that YouTube and Google aren’t exactly blameless when it comes to contravening privacy laws!

Two videos then – one from the BBC Business channel, and a promo from the company themselves:

Enlightening stuff there then, and something that should be considered by every app user out there!

We’d like to thank Heateor for constructing our Social Media Icon for MeWe and making Midlands Maidens the only website on the planet at the moment that contains a profile link.

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

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