Midlands Maidens Champagne Extra

Midlands Maidens Champagne Extra

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Midlands Maidens Champagne Extra

For the first time in 15 years, we’re offering you the chance to purchase an ‘extra’ – the Midlands Maidens Champagne Extra.

We have never offered ‘extras’ in the whole of our fifteen years of operating, preferring instead to give all of our girls’ services to you for free, but this one is so uniquely special that we thought we’d offer it to you at an unbeatable price!

This offer will be available from all girls that indicate it within their ‘likes’, and it comes in three different flavours:

Flavour One – in private – Vanilla Cocktail.

For those of you that wanted to try our Midlands Maidens Champagne Extra in private – your chosen girl will take a drinking glass or cup of your own choosing and have a big wee to try and fill it up for you.

You can then gulp and slurp it all down in front of the girl, in the privacy of your own room, whilst the girl watches you savour every last mouthful of her personal champagne.

The cost for this ‘extra’ is:

  • £50 for a one, two or three hour appointment,
  • £30 for a four, five or six hour appointment,
  • free for an overnight appointment.

Flavour Two – in public – Champagne Cocktail.

For those of you that are a little more daring, the champagne cocktail is for you.

Anyone taking one of our girls on a dinner-date will be given the offer of the girl taking one of the drinking glasses from the table, and then going to the ladies’ loo to refil it with a copious amount of her champagne.

She will then bring it back to the table for you, where again you must drink it all down whilst the girl watches.

The cost for this ‘extra’ is:

  • £30 for a four, five or six hour appointment,
  • free for an overnight appointment.


Maidens Champagne

Flavour Three – private or public – Anything Goes Cocktail.

Created for any clients booking an overnight appointment, this time the Midlands Maidens Champagne Extra is a free service.

This means that the girl will either go out with you on a dinner-date and wee into your tableware in private, or she will fill as many drinking glasses and cups at home as you wanted, to watch you gulp it all down.

So let’s see now, how it’s done:

Originally posted and brewed by all of the girls at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, with the help of the NEWS team.


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