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Midlands Maidens Minimum Wage Lead

Midlands Maidens Guaranteed Wage

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Last Updated on Sunday, March 12, 2023

Midlands Maidens Guaranteed Wage

A guaranteed wage? Just for being available? Incredible! Once again we take the lead by offering the Midlands Maidens guaranteed wage!

With Christmas coming up, and the mad rush to get the kiddies’ presents, we’ve decided that this is the right time of year to offer a guaranteed wage to those girls that are holding back because they’re not sure whether they’d ‘make the cut’ as a Nottingham Escort.

Well, now there’s no need to worry about ‘making the cut’ as we are offering a guaranteed wage to all new staff members.

So how does this work?

Yet again last night, our phones were ringing off the hook, with only two girls to send out to our clients.

It only takes one, or both of the girls to agree to an ‘overnight’ booking extension (which is a regular occurrence at Midlands Maidens) and we may as well put the phones onto a permanent voicemail message.

So how it works is this:

Anyone interviewing for us will now be asked an additional question:

If you were offered a staff position at Midlands Maidens, what days and times would you be available to meet our customers?

The question will stay the same whether the interviewee wanted to work part-time, or full-time.

At the end of every week that our staff member had not had any bookings, we would then pay her the equivalent of one full appointment fee out of our own pockets.

Midlands Maidens Guaranteed Wage Post Image

Cool that, innit?

Our accounting staff thought we were fucking barmy when we suggested our latest scheme to them, but looking at the books – then seeing how many customers we’d had to turn away, changed their minds completely on our guaranteed wage proposition.

Confused Accountant
Eee lad, tis fucking barmy

One thing that is going to throw the cat amongst the pigeons though, is our insistence on the amount and standards of girls that we choose to work with.

We’ve mentioned many times that we would prefer to work with one or two busty blondes, one or two busty brunettes, one or two redheads, a number of girl-next-door type girls that are blonde or brunette, one or two black girls, and any number of pocket-rocket lolicon girls.

A full list can be found here:

… the above post explains in full detail what our clients tend to ask for.

Our last three exiting staff members all cited stress or unavailability reasons for leaving an incredibly satisfying and well-paid position.

Would you like to prove them wrong?

With the Midlands Maidens guaranteed wage now in place, there is no reason at all for you not to apply to join us, and beat the mad rush to get the kiddies’ presents by working part-time or full-time in this highly lucrative industry!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS and SECRET DIARY teams.

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