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Midlands Maidens is Back

Midlands Maidens is Back!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Midlands Maidens is Back!

Midlands Maidens is back, or at least we will be from 7 o’clock pm-ish on the 20th of September following the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

The vast majority of clients calling us up in the past few days have unanimously agreed with our decision to close, with only one or two of them trying to insist on taking an incall appointment, which of course they won’t get as they’re not regular clients.

We’ve still been working on the ‘back-end’ though, and we hope that a couple of improvements to the Midlands Maidens website will meet with your approval.

The first and most obvious thing is the ‘reading progress bar,’ at the top of the website for both desktop and mobile devices.

This is a golden-coloured bar that traces how far down the page you are, together with a ‘reading commitment’ somewhere near the top of most pages, explaining how long it would take to finish the page.

Especially useful for our blog posts, this will let you know how long you need to put aside to get fully informed.

Next, we added a new video on our ESCORTS JOBS page regarding ‘slutty selfies’ which should be taken with a pinch of salt rather than normality for your applications.

Originally, the slutty selfies video was performed by Gigi and Trisha, but this has been deleted from everywhere.

We’ve now found a new version from a girl named Syd Wilder, whose YouTube Channel can be found HERE.

Sam Wilder

Finally, we noticed that a few of you are having problems watching videos from our new hosting supplier if you’re using an iPhone browser, Samsung Internet, or any other browsers except Google Chrome.

All of our videos will now be moved over to our new, new hosting provider in the next few weeks or so, to give everyone uninterrupted viewing whilst having a wank in bed :)

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our latest post, and we look forward to inviting you back at 7 pm on Tuesday evening!

Originally published by Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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