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midlands maidens newsletter

Midlands Maidens Newsletter

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Last Updated on Saturday, March 11, 2023

Midlands Maidens Newsletter

At some point later today, we are going to be resurrecting the Midlands Maidens Newsletter as a subscription-only service.

We’ve been working on this since last week, but as you can appreciate, a full-blown Midlands Maidens newsletter service is not the same as installing a contact form or a photo gallery.

It requires a lot of testing over days at a time, to make sure that everything works correctly.

We wanted a service that we could run from the website instead of having to go over to Mailchimp or AWebber every time we wanted to write a newsletter, which also ran the risk of getting banned from there due to our acidic views.

Acidic? Us? Whoever would have thought it?

So – with no problems concerning copyrighted stuff from dodgy providers (though of course if we are contacted by the genuine owner of any content or photos, we would of course honour the REAL person’s copyright) we’ve kept the whole thing in-house.

Finding a service to run the Midlands Maidens Newsletter has quite frankly been a bit of a nightmare, as many of these independent newsletter services tend to advertise their services, but NOT their misgivings.

So we settled on the service that had the least of these ‘misgivings’ as we couldn’t find anywhere that ran 100% perfectly, but our Midlands Maidens Newsletter will be running at about 99% perfection.

We will, of course, be on the lookout for that missing 1% but for now, it’s quite good enough.

[bctt tweet=”Join me and subscribe to the Midlands Maidens Newsletter!” username=”MidlandsMaidens”]

Keep a lookout for our subscription forms appearing later today, all of which are ‘double opt in’ – meaning that if you enter a load of bollox in the email field, you won’t get a subscription notice – on the homepage, and in a few other subtle places, and we’ll look forward to sharing our ‘acidic views’ with you!

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