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Midlands Maidens Recruitment Drive

Midlands Maidens Recruitment Drive 2019

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Last Updated on Monday, September 26, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Midlands Maidens Recruitment Drive 2019

Welcome to the Midlands Maidens Recruitment Drive in the summer of 2019, giving advice for new escorts no matter when they apply!

Those applicants that are not familiar with our interviewing process may also like to view our 6 TIPS FROM MIDLANDS MAIDENS post that is ‘stickied’ to our front page, together with our 6 TIPS FOR PUNTERS post that also shows how picky we are when making appointments for you.

Both of the above links are set to open in a new tab so that you can use them for reference whilst reading this post.

We’ll take the order of this Midlands Maidens Recruitment Drive in the same order that you, as an applicant, should be seeking to influence us in how valuable you are, and that is:

1) Your Image

2) Your Spoken Prose

3) Your Reliability

4) Midlands Maidens Recruitment Drive Form

With those factors in mind, let’s move onto your application!

Your Image

Recruitment Drive post 01

The first thing you should be conscious of making us aware of is your image – which means enclosing photographs of yourself in your application.

Application photos are treated with extreme confidentiality and will not be released onto the main website unless they are faked.

Photos will be deemed as fakes if you have any facial blurs attached, which obviously means that you’ve applied using photos that were previously published elsewhere.

Your photos should include at least two ‘selfie’ shots as we like to see you in your natural environment and be aware that showing tattoos, contrary to common belief, does NOT go down well with clients.

Following a successful application, you will then be asked for a run of five-ten more photographs that can either be taken by yourself or professionally.

If professional photographs are used, you must initially pay for them – but these will be paid for by Midlands Maidens by subsidisation from your agency fees until fully paid for.

After this, Midlands Maidens will own the copyrights.

Please take note that all photographs used on the Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts website will have facial blurs added (if you request them) but any tattoos will NOT be masked as we feel that this would mislead the client.

Any attempt to mislead our clients by hiding tattoos in your photos and then getting turned away will NOT be subject to an ‘attendance fee’ as at least one competitor uses.

Clients, believe it or not, don’t really get turned on by shagging doggy-style with an ‘I Love Aarons Cock’ staring up at him from your back!

Your Spoken Prose

drive post 02

Should you be successful in the YOUR IMAGE section above, our next formality is to judge your spoken prose.

This is a really important part of your application for the Midlands Maidens recruitment drive, as it will be the first point of contact between you and your future client.

Let us explain a little more fully on this point:

All providers in this industry will usually send out girls to their ‘clients’ with no vetting, no checking that they are where they say they are, and charge agency fees for the booking even if it has never even gone ahead.

This is done simply because they do not trust the girl to have the client’s phone number because she’ll ‘steal’ it and use it later on for her own purposes.

The problem with this way of working is obvious.

There can be no way of judging whether the booking is real or not, and when you’re strutting around in an unknown area with next-to-nothing on and being goggled at by a myriad of blokes and having to PAY for this privilege, the only winners are the myriad of blokes and the agency.

Midlands Maidens, however, do things a little differently.

When a client phones up Midlands Maidens, we make sure that he’s either in his hotel room or in his chosen location at home.

After chatting to the office, then it’s the girl’s turn – the client will receive a call from the girl for a couple of reasons:

1) so that the girl can introduce a nice little ‘ice breaker’ with her introduction and chat, and:

2) so that the girl can receive instructions on what to wear and confirm that her ‘likes’ are real.

This is all a part of the ‘Maidens Experience‘ that you might have seen dotted around the website.

So you must realise that your spoken prose is hugely important as this will be the first point where you make contact with the client.

A few things you should consider when applying with your spoken prose:

1) You should have a perfect command of English, as this has become crucial due to other agencies sending out Polish and Romanian girls who need a translator.

Funnily enough, the majority of clients like a bit of free chat thrown in!

2) You should not have a herd of screaming kids wrecking your house whilst you are phoning a client or ourselves, as believe it or not this does not go down well and the client will get back to us for someone else.

3) Be astutely careful about using ‘pet names’ in your conversation with ourselves or a client.

We’re not talking about ‘Fido’ or ‘Kitty’ as pet names, rather than using ‘see you in a bit Hun’, or ‘thank you Darling’, which to our minds sounds cheap and will make YOU look cheap too!

Your Reliability

drive post 03

We now come to the reliability section, which is the last piece of the puzzle in the Midlands Maidens Recruitment Drive, but by no means less important than the other two sections.

In your application for the Midlands Maidens recruitment drive, you can give us a precise time to call you, during which we will discuss your photographs, judge your spoken prose, and hopefully after all of this, offer you an interview.

The interview is again given at the time of day most convenient to you and lets us see how reliable you are.

We’ve had a few potential interviewees just lately who realised at the last minute that they needed to go to a funeral, forgot and they were on the South Coast, or other equally outlandish excuses.

We’ve also had interviewees who cannot, after all, speak at their allotted time due to Mum or Dad coming home unexpectedly, or them having to babysit for their cousins.

These are all dumped in the Midlands Maidens bin, never to be contacted again.

Those girls that can prove their reliability though, provided they’ve passed the other two sections, will become our latest Self-Employed staff at Midlands Maidens, with no rotas imposed on them (rotas are for employees) and conditions that are incomparable to other agencies in the local area.

Midlands Maidens Recruitment Drive Form

recruitment drive post 04

If you feel that you could sweep through the above sections, then we would like to hear from you during our Midlands Maidens recruitment drive 2019.

Follow this link to our Midlands Maidens Recruitment Drive APPLICATION FORM and we’ll see you out on the road!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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