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Midlands Maidens Secret Diary

Midlands Maidens Secret Diary

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Midlands Maidens Secret Diary

Well we promised it, and a few people following our Twitter feed have applied for it, and tonight the Midlands Maidens Secret Diary is being given a run-out for testing.

What is the Midlands Maidens Secret Diary, and how can I join it? – we hear you say?

Well we can’t explain everything, or it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?

But our diary will outline many of the news items which were previously in the category ‘Midlands Maidens Interviews‘ and will cover things in fuller detail than we could hope to get away with in an open news section.

The Secret Diary will be a 100% free news project and no passwords or shares are required, though it would be nice to get a few shares on our various social networks if you felt that way inclined.

The Interviews…

After every interview granted by Midlands Maidens, we shall be doing a brief resumé consisting of the time and date of the interview, and our observations of the interviewee.

In general, we will NOT be publishing the application photos unless we have express permission to do so from the applicant herself.

We WILL, however, be publishing application photos if one or more of them proves to be ‘fake’ photos, be they from a professional shoot or otherwise, and this is where Google Image Search comes in handy!

Midlands Maidens Secret Diary

Regular Clients

In order to get the new girl some work, and before the new girl has sent her photos over to us and these having been ‘facially blurred’ to protect her identity, only at the EXPRESS PERMISSION of the new girl, we may send a few photos over to our regular clients.

We would pick out a couple of photos to send, together with the new girl at her interview, and those photos would be sent out to regular clients on request, prior to the edited photos going online.

To register as a regular client, just fill in the CONTACT/REVIEW form and put ‘Regular Client’ in the message subject’ box.

When does this all start?

We’ll be adding the first news item in the Midlands Maidens Secret Diary once we have added it to the top menu, which will only be after strict testing to make sure that all is secure.

We’re expecting our testing to be complete by late tomorrow, or Monday at the latest, so get your ‘Regular Client’ forms over so that you can be in at the start of the new Midlands Maidens Secret Diary!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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