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Migration of Midlands Maidens

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Migration of Midlands Maidens

You’ve probably noticed by now that our address (URL) has changed. This techie post explains the migration of Midlands Maidens in full detail.

We’ve been thinking for a while now of dropping the word ‘escorts’ from our name.

This was for a couple of reasons:

1)  The word ‘escorts’ we felt was not needed, as it’s quite obvious what the website is all about,


2) only has fifteen letters in it, plus the domain extension (the .com bit), making it easier to remember for clients and customers.

We already had the MidlandsMaidens address saved in our domains list, so at the suggestion of our hosting providers, we decided to try a migration to that domain, whilst still keeping the old website ‘live’ but now working solely as a redirect to this new address.

TSO Hosting played a blinder in the migration whilst we just sat back and had copious amounts of coffee and bookings, and whereas we would have normally had to apply a ‘search and replace’ to the new version, that was taken care of as well.

‘Search and Replace’ is a really simple process that changes everything, page addresses, blog posts, links on pages and posts etc, by either running a simple script or a plugin and swapping out a couple of database entries.

We might do a post on ‘Search-Replace’ later on if requested.

We’re still setting up our social media to have this new address instead of the old one, but that should mostly be sorted out in a couple of days.

Our main concerns at the moment are the PWA and the Push Notifications, both of which have no visible settings with which to change URL. Seeing as the old website is still technically live though and is set up to redirect users over to this new address, we’re touching wood and expecting no serious problems.

As with all ‘techie’ posts on Midlands Maidens, we’ll finish with a tottie gallery from our friends at

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