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Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Mixed Messages

Another successful WhatsApp interview this week, but after several mixed messages, we were forced to turn it down.

Interview Location – WhatsApp Phone Interview.

Applicant – Aaliya

Interviewer – Steve, plus anyone poking their nose in.

Aaliya applied using the Escort Jobs form, and supplied three photos, none of which were given publication permissions.

The photos were taken on her iphone, and as usual with that OS (Operating System), they were all grainy, but the photos themselves were decent enough to invite her for a phone interview.

Aaliya was a 5’5″ tall black girl, dress size 10, with a 34DD bust.

After working out how to activate landscape view on her video call (all you do is turn it sideways), she decided that it was too hot where she was, and would I mind if she took a few of her clothes off?

By now, Lou-Lou had come in and made a coffee, so she sat in the background out of the computer’s viewport to see what was happening.

Always ones to let interviewees feel comfortable, and Lou-Lou duly winked at, Aaliya was told that taking a few clothes off would be fine, so she ripped everything except her panties off.

Aaliya insisted there and then to do a ‘twirl’, which seemed strange as we hadn’t asked her to do one yet, and the ‘twirl’ was successfully navigated, complete with a few spanks on the arse.

Rates and fees were duly explained (I’d forgotten about those until Lou-Lou nudged me), and a few of the security procedures were also explained.

Services were also acceptable, and with that, Aaliya was invited to join the Midlands Maidens staff on the proviso that she would send a few photos for publication over to the office.

It should be noted here that any red blooded male faced with a bra-less black girl, spanking her arse a few times, and looking forward to seeing what we could do with her, would have probably got her a position with ANY escort agency – the problem in this case though is that Steve is thoroughly professional and harder to get past than any woman!


A couple of hours later and the photos arrived.

Grainy to fuck, as in the application photos, Aaliya had stated that she DIDN’T want any facial blurs added, so it was just a case of removing the grains and applying a colour filter.

There was also the problem of tidying up her room, as there was rubbish everywhere.

After around an hour, the photos were almost completed, but then came the first of the mixed messages:

Mixed Messages first screenshot

No problem with that message, but what followed was rather stalky:

Mixed Messages second screenshot

So pizza all eaten, photos saved to phone for sending over to Aaliya, and over comes another one:

Screenshot 2021-04-18 193129

By now, we were getting a little worried in that Aaliya was just trying to climb the ladder by utilising sexual favours.

A fact born out of this final message before we turned off the computer for the night:

Screenshot 2021-04-18 191302

So anyway, I got home and decided that (probably rather foolishly) Aaliya would be needing my private number, to prevent tying up the Maidens phone if any advice should need to be imparted from either side.

Straight away comes a Whatsapp video call from Aaliya, wanking off with a pink dildo.

Excuses were made, and every time we tried to contact Aaliya regarding her photos, the call got declined.

We’ve left it until now to remove her from the staff list, just in case there was a valid excuse for the phone declines, but it looks like the latest staff member for Midlands Maidens is also the latest failure.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.


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