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Mobile Users

Mobile Users

Last Updated on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 by Midlands Maidens

Mobile Users

We’re looking at adding a few posts this week, in ALL of the blog sections, so to start with, here’s one especially for mobile users.

Mobile users will no doubt have noticed that we’ve got rid of the (what turned out to be) the unsightly text buttons that were at the top of the page, and replaced them with direct links.

We first noticed this last night, and thought it looked a little rubbish, so the buttons were stripped out immediately and replaced with plain text ‘call-to’ links, and blog post links.

You see it’s all well and good operating the website from a PC, but we owe it to our mobile users to make sure that everything looks fine on a phone too, and now we think it does.

Especially for mobile users and invisible to laptop and PC users, we also added a ‘bottom bar’ type thing, that you can just touch and click to call if you’re viewing the website from your mobile, meaning that you haven’t got to mess around scrolling back up to the top of the page to find the phone number.

This ‘bottom bar’ appears on ALL pages for your convenience, so if you find yourself wanking off to Jessica, or Mimi, or Christine, you only need to hit the bottom bar to call us and get the real thing sent over.

Pretty cool, yes?

We’ve mentioned earlier that we’re looking to add posts to ALL the sections this week, and the most prominent addition should be to the Secret Diary, where we found an absolute gem.

We’re not saying too much now as we’re waiting for a few photos to be sent over, but keeping fingers crossed we’ll have something really special to announce.

We’re also looking at adding to the Music Box section, and to the Room 101 section, where we should have something quite pervy for you to get your nose into!

Finally this time, we’re adding a little gallery from made up of girls with cum on their tongues, in their mouths, and facials.

Certainly spices up the media gallery if nothing else!

Thanks for watching, and we’ll be back later with more controversy!

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