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Money and Sex Scams

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Money and Sex Scams

It was only going to be a matter of time before money and sex scams started to surface. Here’s a quick resumé on what we’ve observed.

Only the other night (July 10th) there was an attempted scam at Midlands Maidens.

The problem was, it sounded too far-fetched to be real, even though the ‘sweet talking’ from the other end of the phone sounded genuine.

A bank transfer would have been impossible due to the client having a Romanian bank account, which wouldn’t transfer until the next day.

A credit/debit card payment would have been impossible due to the same reasons.

The client decided to book an Uber to go to the cash machine (Uber cabs require a credit/debit card booking).

All the time this was going on, the client was still messing around on WhatsApp.

As the appointment was in Coalville and an advance payment of at least £50 was needed to secure the appointment, the booking was duly rejected.

So that is how Midlands Maidens handles attempted fraud transactions, but what about customers on other platforms that are getting scammed?

Here are a few observations on money and sex scams from those quarters:

Mobile and Web App Scams

Money and Sex Scams

These apps, such as Tinder and Plenty of Fish are rife for stealing your money, your heart and your identity.

Types of Scam


There are also a few ‘Pay Per Meet’ scams operating on Sugardaddies, SugarBabies and Secret Benefits, but these are nowhere near as common as those previously mentioned on Tinder and POF.

The trick is to give them a video call to prove that it’s not a catfisher, and any reluctance to do this, for eg ‘my phone is broken’ ‘I need some cash to repair my phone’ or ‘I’ll borrow a friend’s phone later’ usually means that you’re in touch with a scammer.

Here’s a video of the guys at Trilogy Media catching a catfisher:

Remember to keep yourself safe, and do not get scammed by a Nigerian Prince or a South African washerwoman.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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