More Playthings

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Last Updated on Thursday, October 12, 2023

More Playthings

Well, it’s taken a while, but the first ‘playthings’ item on our list got sorted today (albeit only partly for now) and involves Secret Diary sharing.

You will probably have noticed that the Twitter sharing option is now live on most of the Secret Diary posts, meaning that now you are able to ‘Tweet’ to share, rather than do a Facebook share.

This has been a high priority playthings fix for us to get running, as many clients and viewers still prefer not risking their Facebook timeline showing posts from an escort agency (even though we ran through a viable alternative HERE).

We’ve tested this on Google Chrome and Firefox at the moment, but what’s stumping us at present is the mobile version – probably because the vast majority of phones nowadays use Twitter Apps which tend to not play nicely with website content locks.

For now then, use a PC for your sharing to view until we find a way around it.

playthings two
It’s more than that, she’s dead Jim. She couldn’t believe that Twitter sharing works now!

Speaking of Twitter – we guess that you’ve noticed the new ‘Official Tweet’ on the website front page, just under the photo of the girl dropping her knickers.

This was a great playthings item to add, and we’re all going to have fun using it.

You just click anywhere on the banner, and a tweet box shows up that you can send directly over to Twitter.

We’re looking into expanding this into other pages eventually, so keep watching!

playthings three

[bctt tweet=”Who wants to tweet this page and show off my arse then?” username=”MidlandsMaidens”]

Finally, we’re looking into opening a new blog section.

After noticing lots of search terms over this last week, such as ‘cum in mouth’, ‘watersports’, ‘stockings’, upskirts’, etc, we thought that opening a section for ‘Fetishes’ would be the ultimate playthings item for you to watch whilst you were waiting for our girls to arrive – or even if you just wanted a wank.

After lots of research 🙂 we’ve got a few likely websites lined up to share content from. If you reckon that this would be a good idea, let us know in the comments – and also let us know if there are any fetishes that you’d like us to show!

Even more finally, when you add a comment now there’s no need to fill in recaptcha’s or say that ‘I’m not a spammer’ as we’re on the lookout for something that automatically knows this.

Remember to refresh your browsers if you still see these items, and we’ll see you next time!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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