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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

As another month draws to a close, we thought we’d explain some of the neat touches that have appeared recently, both on and off the website.

Off Site Neat Touches:

Our Google Listing

First off, we’ll explain about our Google listing – the bit you see when you search for us on Google, Bing, Yandex etc.

Google Listing

The more alert amongst you will notice that we’ve changed our listing from ‘Nottingham Escorts…blah…blah…blah to Midlands Maidens…blah…blah…blah, and also that there is a nice little emoticon of a phone.

Far from being just one of those neat touches we were mentioning, there is also method in our madness in that there are reams of adverts for ‘Nottingham Escorts’ but only one advert that starts with Midlands Maidens.

And far from just being ‘eye catching’, the emoticon draws you straight in to the right place when editing the source code, which is essential in minified codes and scripts, and something we won’t go into here.

This ‘description’ tag will be prone to change whenever we feel like it, but the emoticon will be staying.

Cloudflare CDN

We’ve been using Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network) for a while on and off, and we were wondering why the response times were slowing down.

The simple solution here was that even if your website is on Cloudflare, and all the settings are working, you need to actually turn it on in your website, which we hadn’t.

So with the flick of a switch we activated it, and now the website is twice as speedy as before, as can be seen from the Web Page Speed Test analysis:

WebPageTest Analysis


Sure, nobody actually notices these, but with Google et al moving on to mobile browsing results, we thought we’d update ours.

A FAVICON is that little tiny image you see on your PC, laptop or mobile, right at the top of your screen just before the site name:


The jury’s still out on this, and we may well be changing our favicon a few times before we’re happy with it, but with it now starting to appear in the search results (ALL mobile results now have them) it’s time well spent whilst we’re looking for totty gallery images!

On Site Touches:

The Statistics Page

We’ve finally settled on the term ‘BottyWots’ for our Googlebot, Bingbot, and other bot visitors, and after a brief meddle with the coding this is now installed.

Whilst we were in there messing about, we also changed the ‘Author’ link to ‘Staff’, and the ‘Users’ link to ‘Visitors’ and ‘Guests’, which is more befitting on how we see you guys!


Some more code manipulation saw our old ‘accordion’ modules changed into ‘toggles’, as we got a little fed up of seeing the page address changing as you moved down the accordion modules, which were on the homepage (in the ‘reasons to choose’ section) and in the About page (in the FAQ section).

With ‘Toggles’ the page address now stays the same instead of going to or other outlandish addresses.

The Top Bar

This is a highly visible element, and we were pondering on whether to add a top bar to the website for ages before taking the plunge.

On a mobile you’ll see no difference, as all relevant contact information is accessible from the ‘Call Us Now’ button, enabled purely for mobile phones.

On a PC or laptop however, you’ll see this top bar:

Neat Touches Top Bar

From the top bar, you can access a few of our social media accounts from the clickable images on the left, plus there is an email option, plus a phone option.

On the right, there is an expanded phone option and an email sender, though clicking on either of  the phone options will try to send you over to a dedicated phone app if you’re trying to call us from a PC or laptop.

We’ve also set it so that the top bar disappears on scrolling, and it also allowed us to remove the ‘Call us’ and ‘Booking’ modules from the main website body, leaving you to concentrate on the girls!

We hope that you’ve learnt a little from our messing about sessions on the website, and that the neat touches we’ve applied on both the back end and front end will meet with your approval!

Originally Published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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