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New Maiden Shelly

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

After four months of contacting us regarding fixing her car, new Maiden Shelly finally joined us this week in a blaze of glory!

Shelly originally contacted us back in October to apply for a position on the staff list, which we agreed to, but some circumstances at home left her unable to work in this industry for a while.

Also, she seemed to have got our number mixed up with another guy called Steve, and kept asking for quotes to fix her car.

So as far as we can remember it (with a little help from Shelly), this is how the interview went:

Applicant – Shelly.

Location – The Gateway.

Interview time – 3pm.

Shelly turned up marginally late, but this was because of some roadworks on the motorway, so a quite acceptable excuse.

She had never worked in this industry before, but knew a few girls that had worked, and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

She was 34 (35 now), an English milf with brown eyes, 5’6″ tall, dress size 8, with a 34DD bust size – and she was a blonde girl at last!

Seems that Shelly used to be a customer service rep, which probably explains why her phone interview was flawless.

Services were almost as flawless as her phone manner, as she ran swiftly through all of them, checking all the boxes.

Her availability then was the only problem, as she had issues at home and would only be able to work two days a week until after Christmas.

Provisionally putting the application on hold, we agreed that she could join us in principle, and left it at that.

February came around and we received a message from Shelly saying that she would now be available, and could we start sending work over.

Following a four month sojourn however, we were reluctant to agree to this without another interview, or at least a few new photos showing that nothing had changed.

These were sent over, and we were only too glad to announce that Shelly had become our new Maiden!

New Maiden Shelly has now got a full gallery on the Midlands Maidens website, with a run of around 15 selfie photos, and appointments are being taken for her from 5pm Saturday 6th March.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.


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