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Newest Member of our Team?

Newest Member of our Team?

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Newest Member of our Team?

In the run-up towards Christmas, we present our last recruitment drive of the year to find the newest member of our team.

It also allows us to explain further how the photograph of the lead image would be taken a lot more seriously than one of a glamorous model with long blonde hair flowing out behind her whilst strolling down a marble staircase in a long robe showing just a glimpse of suspenders and panties.

We’ll start off our pilgrimage to find our newest member with a short video that can be found on our YouTube channel:

As mentioned in the video, be aware that Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts is a long standing local escort agency that is against all forms of exploitation and ‘pimping’.

We are defiant about your rights to do this kind of work without people inflicting their moral judgements on you or the agency.

We do not condone in any way, the use of drugs, being forced or coerced or trafficked to do this job, and anyone found to be under the above influences will be removed immediately.

You should be a normal person who wants to make money, gain a career, secure a future for yourself, and do this kind of work because you choose to.

In addition to those rules above, you should:

Be at least 18 years old – there is no upper age limit.

Scrub up and perform well in all situations, which will ensure repeat custom from our clients.

Be honest about your ‘likes’ and services, as Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts is one of the few agencies that publish these ‘likes’ on your profile page.

Be honest about your availability or lack of it, as clients can come in at any time and if you’re not around, they’ll never get to meet you.

And you should not under any circumstances:

Allow full bareback penetration, even if the client says that the owner said it would be ok. If the client says that, then we want to know, as apart from being an outright liar, he will get banned from ever using the agency again.

Give out your phone number to clients in the hope that they will call you privately. There is no need for that with Midlands Maidens, and apart from the client never calling you, the client will be banned from using the agency when he calls for a new girl and your position here will be at risk.

Full details of the ‘should do’s’ and ‘shouldn’t do’s’ will be explained at your interview.

Further reading and video watching before you apply: (all further reading will open in a new tab)

Your First Steps…

Becoming a Fantasy…


Your Mother Should Know

That’s most of your questions answered in there, but any further enquiries will be answered at your interview.

Newest Member Fake Photos

As mentioned earlier, we take natural ‘selfie’ photos much more seriously than obviously faked photoshop and airbrushed to fuck photos, and you will in fact be asked to send a run of selfies over following your successful interview.

This is in fact to help out the clients, and to assist them in making an informed choice about any new girls that will be arriving.

More often than not, the girl in the long robe, coming down the marble staircase, will look like the first girl in this video from our friends at Passion VIP:

These hugely cropped, photoshopped and airbrushed photographs are designed to hoodwink clients who think with their knobs in through the door, and they soon get fed up when they see the state of the girl that turns up to meet them.

At Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, we were the first agency to use ‘selfie’ photos for all of our profiles so that the client was not being misled in the slightest.

A few of our girls went on to use professional photographs, but we insisted on blank backgrounds, (no marble staircases on a Midlands Maidens photoshoot as we believe it’s the GIRL that should do the talking!)

We would also insist on doing any ‘manipulations’ of the photographs ourselves, which is normally to add a facial blur for anonymity purposes.

Anyone requiring a professional photo-shoot is welcome to ask about this at the interview, if we forget to mention it, that is!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our post regarding the last recruitment drive of the year, and here’s to YOU becoming our newest member!

Visit our JOBS page to apply!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

Lead photo and title photo by Real Teen Girls

Did you find a video that is no longer working?

Let us know by mentioning it on our SUGGESTIONS PAGE (opens in a new tab) and we’ll try and find a replacement.


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