next months schedule

Next Months Schedule

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Next Months Schedule

We’ve decided to publish a ‘next months schedule’ at the start of each month, to let you know what’s happening with COVID-19.

With the COVID-19 national lockdown officially ending on December 2nd, things should technically be reverting to normal, however with Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire ending up with ‘tier 3‘ regulations, they may as well not even have bothered.

Next months schedule then, as far as Midlands Maidens is concerned, means that our incall facilities will remain closed, and that we still will not be accepting new clients for outcall unless they used us AFTER the first lockdown in March of this year.

Clients that used us within this period should have no problems, as they will have been placed inside one of our ‘sex bubbles‘, and provided that they RING US rather than trying to text, their appointment should be able to go ahead.

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts feels that we need to apologise for the government and their lacksadaisical methods in handling this tiers and lockdown process, and to prove no ill-feeling, we are still able to accept appointments from Boris Johnson, but his price for an appointment will be £500 per hour for being a twat.

Escort Jobs.

Next months schedule for applying to join Midlands Maidens will be slightly different, as we won’t be able to come out and meet you due to the COVID regulations.

During this period, we will be conducting interviews over WhatsApp only, but you should still take your interview extremely seriously, as we will be watching for any anomolies in your own home environment.

By ‘anomolies’ we mean that there should be no screaming kids smashing your house up, and you should be able to stand up and ‘give us a twirl’ so that we can utilise our amazing sense of perception and work out what your vital stats are.

You should still apply by using the APPLICATION FORM when we will call you back at the time you specified, and arrange a Whatspp video call.

A Quick Observation:

It’s really nice to see that the ‘Special Sauce‘ post is the first post to overtake ‘MaryJane Auryn‘ in our ‘trending posts’ section (viewable on a pc) in over a year.

Special Sauce

Checking on Microsoft Clarity, we found that a huge portion of viewers came from the USA and Canada, with the UK following up in a close third.

We would therefore recommend that you check your McDonalds burgers to make sure that the fillings are correct!

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