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Cereal Bowl Post

A Nice Cereal Bowl

Last Updated on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 by Midlands Maidens

A Nice Cereal Bowl

What better than a nice cereal bowl to eat your breakfast from whilst reading the first Room 101 entry!

The reason we chose this video as an opener (sic) was that it covers so many fetishes in one run.

First off, there’s the ‘medical’ fetish, as our star, Roxy Raye, has her arse opened up with a speculum.

Then there’s the ‘insertion’ fetish, as she has Fruit Loops poured inside her.

Dunno if there’s an ‘eating stuff out of arse’ fetish – unless you count the ‘hardsports’ one, but it definitely covers the ‘sploshing’ fetish.

Finally, there’s the ‘anal sex’ fetish – which is not a fetish actually – but the way that the milk squirts out whilst she’s being rammed could be termed as an ‘enema’ fetish.

So sit back and enjoy Roxy Raye having her arse used as a cereal bowl and a few other things besides, in our opening Room 101 video!

[bctt tweet=”I’ve watched Roxy Raye having her arse used as a Fruit Loops bowl on Midlands Maidens Room 101!” username=”MidlandsMaidens”]

Make sure you wash up your cereal bowl and make sure that your hands are not sticky before you leave the breakfast table!

Originally curated from Pornhub, and published here on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the FETISH team.

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