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Niche Monthly April 2021

Niche Monthly April 2021

Niche Monthly
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Last Updated on Sunday, September 3, 2023

Niche Monthly April 2021

Welcome to the Niche Monthly April 2021 edition, where we have more jailbait, upskirts and humiliation than you can shake a stick at!

Before we get into this month’s edition, a little editorial is in order:


We are finding that more and more of these risqué posts are running the risk of being decimated by the new rules being forced upon uploaders of videos to popular sites such as Pornhub, XHamster etc, whereby videos are only allowed from the uploader if they actually own the rights to the video.

Whilst we are not querying this decision, many of the older videos from older websites are being removed purely because the older website no longer exists, such is the fickle way that these websites come and go.

We have therefore decided to host all of these videos ourselves, 1) to make sure that you’ll always be able to view a working copy of the video, and 2) to get rid of the pop-overs, pop-unders, and dodgy adverts that sometimes come along with the videos from these ‘niche’ websites.

Editorial over, enjoy this months show!

Niche Monthly April 2021 Jailbait Gallery:

…And now for this month’s upskirts gallery:

Femdom, Lezdom and Humiliation Gallery:

This is all rather severe femdom, lezdom and humiliation.

First up, a gallery showing the femdom and lezdom fetishes, and in many cases the marks that the subjects proudly (?!?) wear having been given them by their mistresses:

Humiliation Videos:

We start off in Japan, where two schoolgirl bullies have buried their teacher in the school garden, with just his head showing through, and they decide to do various nasty things to him:

Another burial now, from a male-dom who decides to bury his slave outside in the garden, whilst tormenting her with his water bottle:

…and so to the office cruelty party, where a load of girls are having a birthday blow-out and hire a stripper, who they humiliate before making him cum all over the birthday girl’s face:

Sex education time now, as we see a class full of girls being supervised by their teacher, who is educating the girls in the best way to fuck the guy on the table:

Staying at school, but moving back to Japan, we see three school-bully girls, humiliating a male student and forcing him into losing his virginity:

Finally, not so much humiliation this time, but a reverse gangang, where the girls gangbang a single guy. Watch as all the girlie-cum starts trickling down his cock, and start taking bets as to who gets his creampie!

Niche Monthly April 2021 Funnies:

Another packed issue of the Niche Monthly April 2021 then, and we hope that you enjoyed it.

Join us again at the start of next month for the May edition.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the FETISH team.


The lead image is from a NSFW version of Tumblr, that no longer exists.

Jailbait galleries this month from:


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