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Niche Monthly August 2021

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Niche Monthly August 2021

Welcome to the Niche Monthly August 2021 edition, containing all of the Jailbait, Upskirts and Humiliation you will ever need to see.

First though, an essential editorial:


We were just adding the latest lead image the other night when one of the girls suggested ‘why not add baby things and dresses as a niche monthly episode?’

Niche Monthly August 2021 Lead Image
This month’s lead image

Seeing as some of our girls are even pervier than yours truly 🙂 (looking at Lou-Lou here), it was decided that this time, the Jailbait section would be taken over by a ‘Baby-Bait’ section.

You will notice that most of the images this time, feature girls in nappies and/or dummies, but we must point out that all of the models in this section are of legal age (over 18), even though a couple or three of them look much younger.

It might be tricky adding ‘upskirts’ to a ‘girls wearing nappies’ section, so to get around this, we’ve augmented the upskirts section to a ‘babies on potties’ section.

Enough of the waffle then, and enjoy the Niche Monthly August 2021 edition in its entirety!

Niche Monthly August 2021 Baby-Bait Gallery:

Niche Monthly August 2021 Babies on Potties and Other Things:

Femdom and Humiliation:

Humiliation Videos:

What could be more humiliating than a girl giving a crappy plumber a lesson by shitting into his mouth, a couple of lesbians farting their diarrhoea into each others’ mouths, or a Japanese cumslut getting a gangbang from over 30 men?

Not much really, so here we go:

In this first video, a really nice Romanian blonde girl hires a plumber to fix her toilet.

The guy’s plumbing skills are rather cowboy-ish, to say the least, so the Romanian blonde decides to teach him a lesson:

In this second video, we find a couple of Russian lesbians that need to relieve themselves from massive pangs of diarrhoea.

Rather than going to the toilet to relieve these pangs, they both unload into each others’ mouths:

The final video for this time shows an UNCENSORED Japanese cumslut gangbang, getting creampied officially by thirty men, but many guys take second and third helpings:

We hope that you had a nice wank or seven over our Niche Monthly content this time, and keep watching for next month’s issue for the best kinky and pervy content from Midlands Maidens.

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