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Niche Monthly December 2022 Christmas Edition Lead Image

Niche Monthly December 2022 Christmas Edition

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Niche Monthly December 2022 Christmas Edition

It seems five minutes since last year’s Christmas posts, and the first one this time is the Niche Monthly December 2022 Christmas Edition.

*Please note that all images contained inside this post are of amateurs and professional models aged AT LEAST 18 years.

*Also Please Note that any persons in our featured images DO NOT appear in the post’s content unless it is a post specifically regarding that artist or model.


We’re afraid there are no Disney animations this year, as we’ve outrun the gauntlet on fairy stories.

We’re making up for that though with three videos that are all to do with Christmas dinner – this being the Christmas edition of Niche Monthly, I guess it’s obvious what the Christmas dinner will be!

We’ve also added a ‘One For The Girls’ video, which this time is all about ‘Cum Blocking’ – a particularly evil way to ruin your man’s orgasm on Christmas morning.

There is also a full run of unsorted Jailbaits and the Skegness holiday snaps to whet your appetite, so without further ado, here is the Niche Monthly December 2022 Christmas Special!

Niche Monthly December 2022 Jailbait Gallery:

Skegness Holiday Snaps:

Cum Blocking Video:

As already mentioned, CUM BLOCKING is a particularly evil way to ruin your partner’s orgasm.

There are a couple of ways to perform a cum-block:

1) At the point of orgasm, you could physically block it by putting your hand over the ‘cum-eye’, keeping all of the cum inside his penis until you allow it to explode.

2) At the point of orgasm, you could physically squeeze your partner’s glans, thereby stopping him from ejaculating.

3) Any combination of the above two points works, and the pain is accentuated if both methods are done together.

One of the finest performers of this art is a porn creator named JULIA SOFTDOME  and here is a compilation that your partner will rue the day when you first saw it:


Niche Monthly December 2022 Christmas Dinner Videos

1) Christmas Dinner with Snowy Sprinkles:

The protagonist in question here is Mistress Anna, who starts off by cruelly whipping her slave.

She then lights a cigarette whilst sitting on her toilet seat and drops a huge log into the slave’s mouth.

Finally, she grabs a nearby dildo and drops some snowy sprinkles of girlie cum into his mouth for added flavour.


2) The Toilet Overflow:

Lady Kalida starts off this video by showing you some carrots that she has bought along with her.

She then puts her toilet slave under the seat and pisses and poops on him, all the while digging her sharp heels into his chest.

The slave finds that he cannot take it anymore and hurls it all out over his own face.


3) Merry Shitty Christmas:

Girls can be toilet slaves too, and in this video, the slave is forced to wear a set of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer Deely-boppers for festive purposes.

The two dominatrixes, both dressed up as Santa begin to have fun with her.

The slave is then forced to eat her Christmas dinner straight from the source.


Some incredible scenes in the above run of four videos, and we hope that these made up for no Disney animations this year.

This will be the last Niche Monthly of 2022, but we’ll look forward to seeing you again in the new year with more kinky stuff than you could shake a stick at!

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts and the FETISH team.


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