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Niche Monthly February 2022 Lead Image

Niche Monthly February 2022

Niche Monthly 2022
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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Niche Monthly February 2022

Welcome to the Niche Monthly February 2022 edition from the Midlands Maidens Room 101 section.

We must again apologise for the lateness of this edition of the Midlands Maidens Niche Monthly, but it was due to website issues over which we had no control. A couple of these issues will be explained in the Editorial.


We had got all of our videos and images ready for this edition, but then a major upheaval happened on the website.

First, our Content Management System decided to impose a major upgrade on us. This in itself delayed everything, as we always like to leave things alone for a week or so after one of these major upgrades, to allow things to settle in.

Then we were having major rows with a brand new auto-poster software, that insisted on encoding our punctuation, which made our social media posts look amateurish.

Both of the above upheavals appear to be rested and solved now, so it’s back to work on the posting.

Regarding the posting, we have the usual Jailbait galleries for you and following on from January’s edition of Niche Monthly, we are showing clothed images, then unclothed/upskirts/doing things images, and finally onto the videos.

We’ve got a couple of really nasty videos for you this time – one of them being the most disgusting video from Japan that we’ve ever seen.

Don’t say that you weren’t warned!

Niche Monthly February 2022 Jailbait Gallery (Clothed)

Jailbait Gallery Unclothed/Upskirts/Doing Things:

Right, so now it’s on to the videos.

We’ve got two videos for you this time, but one of them is a Japanese full feature film.

The first film shows a male-dom forcing two girls that are tied to a bar and attached with nasal clamps and open ring gags, to slip out of their own panties so that they’re around their ankles.

The man then randomly whips them, then puts vibrating bars into their pussies to make them drool and snot whilst they’re orgasming.

The second film is a Japanese one, about a few girls enduring scat torture.

It starts off (normal!?!) enough with some self shitting and swallowing, but then turns into a free-for-all with lesbians throwing shit pies at one girl and suffocating her with a hair-dryer, a bride in a pretty wedding dress enduring male scat and swallowing until she chokes, and her wedding dress doesn’t look so pretty anymore, and finally, a girl being lowered upside-down into a vat of scat which has been collected from various chemical toilets.

No one does feature films like the Japanese, yeah?

Niche Monthly February 2022 Videos:

1) Male Domination:

2) Scat Torture:

We hope that you managed to finish your dinner after those videos, and we look forward to bringing you more Jailbait and videos in the next edition of Niche Monthly!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the FETISH team.

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