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Niche Monthly January 2022

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Niche Monthly January 2022

Hello, and welcome to the Niche Monthly January 2022 edition – the first of the New Year for all of your Jailbait and dark-side fetishes.

First of all, an important editorial.


Having been restricted on a couple of social media accounts, and removed on the Free Speech pioneers GAB (looks like GAB only promote free speech when it suits them), we had to restrict our free speech with a ‘click to view’ moniker on the latter account.

So it’s not a platform for free speech.

Not without a moniker that hides your content.

Bit daft really, and anyone from GAB that reads this post is welcome to comment on their free speech rules.

So we were forced to find somewhere else to pull our Jailbait photos from, and we’re now using a combination of VK from Russia and Twitter to do this.

We think that you’ll like what we found so far, and any other suggestions are most welcome.

We’ve still got tons of photos from last year that haven’t been published yet, and just like last year, all models, actresses, jailbaits and people doing things to them MUST be 18 years of age or over. If anyone finds someone or something that is underage, please tell us and we will remove it.

With that, we’ll end our waffling, and on with the show!

Niche Monthly January 2022 Jailbait Gallery (clothed girls)

Jailbait Gallery Unclothed Girls/Upskirts and/or Doing Things:

We’re leaving the Femdom images out this year, in favour of adding the poor buggers being punished in video format.

This time though we’ve gone with the most popular search term and the requests that we’ve had over the phone, but please bear in mind that our girls are NOT trained as dominatrixes and so they will usually refuse the appointment.

Without a doubt, the most affluent search term we’ve seen over the last few weeks is a combination of Hardsports, Scat, Scat, and more Scat – as LouLou mentioned ‘we’ve got more scat searches than is coming out of our arse holes’.

We’ve got a run of THREE videos for you this time, satisfying your scat fetish, but no eating it this time.

Niche Monthly January 2022 Videos:

1) Cute Girls:

This first video is rather short, but allows you to see the girls’ cute faces as they’re trying to push one out for you:

2) Naughty Jailbaits:

A nice long one (sic) for you this time, as two jailbait girls try experimenting with watersports and hardsports:

3) Sunday Pub Lunch:

Finally this time, enjoy the scenario of two lovely girls having a Sunday pub lunch together.

(We’d hate to see the cleaner’s face when he sees what they’ve done)!

That’s it for this time, but keep a lookout for the next edition of Niche Monthly coming out in a few weeks!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the FETISH team.


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