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Niche Monthly July 2023 Lead Image

Niche Monthly July 2023

Niche Monthly 2023
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Last Updated on Thursday, August 24, 2023

Niche Monthly July 2023

Welcome back to the Midlands Maidens Magazine section, where we present the Niche Monthly July 2023 edition.

First off, the various disclaimers:

Editorial and Disclaimers:

*Please note that all images and videos in this post are of amateur and professional models, aged at least 18 years.

*Also please note that any persons appearing in this post’s featured (lead) image, do NOT appear in the post content unless it is a post specifically about that artist or model.

We’ve got another huge run of Jailbait images this time, which we WERE  going to categorise and split into two or more sections.

After going through them, however, it was decided to leave them all as ‘unsorted’ so that you could be surprised as to what was coming up in the next image.

We’ve also got a run of Skegness Holiday Photos for you, concentrating this time on construction stability, or the lack of it.

Finally, as the usual encore, we’ve got a run of THREE videos for you to digest (sic) which will be described at the appropriate times.

On with the show!

Niche Monthly July 2023 Jailbait Galleries:


Skegness Holiday Photos July 2023:

Femdom Humiliation Videos:

1) The Forced Cuckold

A segway of two shorter clips in this first video – in the first clip, the cuckold is whipped and made to wear a chastity device while sucking off his cuckolder, then the missus fucks the cuckolder, explaining that he is a far better fuck than the cuckold.

In the second clip, the guy is tied up and forced to endure wax torture and whipping, after which the missus fucks him up the ass with a metal dildo.


2) The Lesbian Slave’s Enema

In this rather cruel video, the lesbian slave is made to trample the male slave’s cock, whilst the dominatrix has a poo in his mouth.

She then has a wee in a dog bowl which will then be served as the enema later.

The dominatrix then forces the lesbian slave to strip and fetch her enema device and empties the whole dog bowl of piss into the lesbian slave’s ass.

Finally, the lesbian slave is forced to straddle the male slave’s mouth whilst the enema is gushing out, and she is forced to wank off the male slave.


3) The Two Cruel German Mistresses

In this last video, the slave is tormented in his cage until the two dominatrixes make him exit and lay on the floor.

A mobile potty is placed over his head, and he is forced to eat and drink both of the dominatrix’s wee and poop.

Lots of this mess ends up on the floor, but the two dominatrices wearing black marigold gloves ensure that he doesn’t miss a morsel.


A pretty full and kinky edition of Niche Monthly for your this time, and remember to keep a lookout for the August edition.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the FETISH team.


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