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Niche Monthly May 2024

Niche Monthly 2024
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Last Updated on Monday, May 27, 2024

Niche Monthly May 2024

Time for more kinky shit as we open the covers of the Niche Monthly May 2024 Magazine section.

More kinky shit than you could shake a kinky stick at in the May edition of Niche Monthly, but first, we are obliged to throw in our Editorials and Disclaimers:

Editorials and Disclaimers:

*Please note that all images and videos in this post are of amateur and professional models, aged at least 18 years.

*Also please note that any persons appearing in this post’s featured (lead) image, do NOT appear in the post content unless it is a post specifically about that artist or model.

This time in our May 2024 Niche Monthly, we’ve got the usual Jailbait Gallery accompanied by three Jailbait Videos, all of which will be introduced at the appropriate times.

But now, it’s on with the show with the May 2024 Jailbait Gallery:

May 2024 Jailbait Gallery:

We now come to the three Jailbait Videos that we promised you earlier.

These are arranged in order of severity so that you can fill your jam-jar up with spunk.

The first one shows how to add a mixer to your drink:

Jailbait Video 1 – How to Add A Mixer:


This next one shows how to surprise your Jailbait Daughter.

Jailbait Video 2 – How to Surprise Your Daughter:


And finally to lead onto the next section we see another Jailbait Daughter being severely caned by Daddy.

Jailbait Video 3 – A Severe Caning:


For our final section of the Niche Monthly May 2024 Edition, we return to that evil Lezdom troupé known as QueenSnake for our final two videos.

QueenSnake – Whipped on the Bench:

The first video, imaginatively titled ‘Whipped on the Bench’ features three of the QueenSnake-ees, one who is strapped to a bench, one who is severely whipping the girl on the bench, and one who steps in occasionally to give the girl on the bench a wank. We love happy endings here at Midlands Maidens though, as can be seen at the end of the video where the marked-up girl from the bench is allowed to give herself a fulfilling wank.


QueenSnake – Shit Spreader:

It’s not often that we see the Snakees performing a scat scene but for a treat, we thought that we’d show you one.

Featuring Queen-Snake and Jessica this time, we see QS get her mouth prised open with a mouth retractor, whilst Jessica then shits, pisses and squirts into QS’s mouth (whilst QS is having a wank of course).

Beautifully photographed, you can see everything that QueenSnake is forced to endure.


With that, It’s goodbye from a particularly nasty edition of Niche Monthly for May 2024, and we look forward to seeing you again in the summer for the June Edition.

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