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Niche Monthly November 2021 Lead

Niche Monthly November 2021

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Welcome to the Niche Monthly November 2021 edition, containing all of the Jailbait, BDSM and Sadistic content you will ever need!


We’ve got some shockingly torturous content for you in this edition of Niche Monthly, that is guaranteed to make your eyes water.

The torturing content is via a German pretty yet psychotic femdom going by the name of DieSadistinSara Stahl – who sometimes with her sister or another dominatrix, puts men through six stages of hell.

This content will probably find its way onto a full Room 101 post at some point, and you’ll find that her cute smile with the tortured guy clinging on for dear life in the background is either highly erotic, or sick – we’ll let you decide on that one!

Elsewhere we’ve got the usual jailbait galleries with a return to the upskirts showings, plus a video of an Asian girl going to the shops and showing you more than she should be showing in a great exhibitionist video.

It should be noted that all of the models and actors in this edition of Niche Monthly are at least 18 years of age or older – some of them just look like they are 12!

Enough of the waffling then, and let’s move on to this month’s galleries:

Niche Monthly November 2021 Jailbait Gallery:

…and so onto this month’s upskirts gallery:

Niche Monthly November 2021 Upskirts:

Before we move on to the toe-curlers, let’s take a peek at what Kylie did:

Video – Kylie at the Shopping Centre:

Ok, so now it’s on to the toe-curlers.

First up, a short gallery featuring a few Femdom, Lezdom and Maledom images:

Niche Monthy November 2021 Femdom, Maledom, Lezdom Gallery:

…and now the Femdom videos featuring Sara Stahl, plus partner, of DieSadistin.

This first one starts out tame enough, with Sara and her sister booting the fuck out of some guys bollox whilst pissing on him, then finally they turn it into a public humiliation by dragging him into the street, to let random girls boot him too:

DieSadistin BallBusting:

In this second video, the poor gimp is stretched out with ropes whilst Sara shits in his mouth and forces it all down his throat:

DieSadistin Forced Feeding:

Now for the real toe-curler.

We won’t add a description of what is going to happen, just make sure that you’re not eating your corn-flakes whilst watching:

DieSadistin Nailed:

WOW – after those final three videos, we wouldn’t blame you if you never wanted to see femdom videos again!

We’re betting that you’ll be back though.

Join us next time for the Christmas edition of Niche Monthly!

Originally published under the threat of girls with hammers, by Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts and the FETISH team.


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