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Niche Monthly October 2021 Lead Image

Niche Monthly October 2021

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Last Updated on Sunday, March 12, 2023

Niche Monthly October 2021

Welcome to the Niche Monthly October 2021 edition, where we try to flood your Jailbait and Domination senses to the max!

Bear in mind that all models and actresses featured in the Jailbait Galleries and videos have stated that they are of, or over the age of 18.

We have also been careful with the galleries from Flickr, where a few of the ‘models’ on there seem to be as young as four years old.

Ah well, each to their own I suppose, but we prefer to keep things legal on Midlands Maidens.

Lots and lots of videos for you to peruse and wank over this time, but we’ll start as usual with the Jailbait Gallery:

Niche Monthly October 2021 Jailbait Gallery:

And now the first two of our videos.

Niche Monthly October 2021 Jailbait Videos 1:

The young jailbait girl strips off, all the time watching the door in case daddy comes in:

Jailbait Videos 2:

The two Jailbaits (one male, one female) decide to go out in the countryside in their old banger.

Seeing as they are feeling a little uncomfortable in the car, they decide to go into a disused factory for the climax:

Things We Like Doing Gallery:

This short gallery shows young Jailbaits enjoying themselves:

Maledom, Lezdom and Humiliation:

Now for this month’s toe-curlers.

First off, a short gallery to whet your lips:

MLH Videos:

Ok, so here are this week’s toe-curling videos.

Lezdom Video 1:

Watch as the dominant Lezdom has strapped her slave to a sun lounger, whilst she exposes her to a remote drain cleaner and finally swaps the head to a jet washer for some cruel punishments:

Maledom Humiliation Video 2:

The slave is woken up from the bath where she is allowed to sleep, by the male pissing on her.

She then has to lube up her ass before sticking her head in the toilet bowl for more pissing and a couple of anal fucks:

Femdom Humiliation Video 3:

Once again, we’ve saved the most horrible for last.

Watch as the Femdom squats on a convenient commode and pisses and shits in it, all the time whacking the slave with a spoon.

When she has finished, she takes the whacking spoon and spoon-feeds the slave with her poo-poo in a wee-wee jus.

The slave has to eat and drink every last morsel regardless of how much gagging he has:

Well, a really long episode of the Niche Monthly this time, and we hope that it was worth the extra two weeks wait.

Keep watching for the next issue, due out in about two weeks time, and happy wanking!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the FETISH team.


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