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Notifications for PC and Mobiles

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

One thing we didn’t look at when changing the website name, was adding the notifications for PC and mobiles back to the website.

That should all be fixed now, so all you guys visiting from Twitter, Facebook, and all the other social networks can now opt-in and get your regular fix from our wonderful news items!

Notifications 01

The process for opting-in remains the same as before, that is you see the opt-in message, and then click ‘ALLOW‘ to receive all of the latest post notifications from the news , secret diary and music box sections straight to your phone or laptop or PC.

The ROOM 101 posts by their very nature however, are extremely NSFW and will not get pushed out in case we have a few schoolkids wanting a free wank or two, these needing to be found via our TWITTER FEED instead.

Only a short post this time, so we thought we’d bolster it up a little with a ‘totty gallery’ from our good friends at SEX.COM which is always good for a few new totties.

The Totty Gallery:

As previously mentioned, none of the above totty gallery girls have anything at all to do with Midlands Maidens, aside from them all looking really nice, and the APPLICATION FORM being open to any of them 🙂

We hope to see lots of new notifications subscribers, and we’ll do our level best to give you something controversial, acidic and stunning to read (depending on our mood at the time).

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