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Nottingham Escorts Incalls

Nottingham Escorts Incalls Facts

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Last Updated on Sunday, August 20, 2023

Nottingham Escorts Incalls Facts

We’re posting this announcement to explain to those with selective understanding difficulties about how we run our Nottingham escorts Incalls.

We’re also introducing a couple of new features that you might run into when using the Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts website.

Firstly, the Nottingham Escorts Incalls facts:

Our regular clients will know our incall location anyway, so it stands to reason that anyone phoning up for an incall booking and then asking where it is, is a new client.

We decided a short while ago, that any NEW clients would not be able to arrange an incall appointment, no excuses, no shim-sham.

The reason for this is explained in previous posts, namely THIS ONE.

Between 12 midday and 10 pm, Nottingham escorts incalls are reserved solely for regular clients (see article seven here – ‘Where Can I Meet My Girl’), meaning that new clients will be turned away.

Also, there is the question of accommodation – in the same section, it explains why a group of clients – be that two clients, or twenty-two clients – will not be admitted.

We will only allow one girl to be working on Nottingham escorts incalls at any time, seeing one client on one booking. No matter what you’ve heard from your best mate through the grapevine, girls working in pairs, or seeing more than one client at the same time, would turn the incall into an illegal brothel.

This is something that we will not enter into, so don’t bother trying.

We apologise for having to keep harping on about this, but some clients think that we will either sway the rules a little or forget about them if they leave it a week or so.

Sadly for those clients with selective understanding problems, this is NOT the case, and Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts Incalls will remain a legal agency, and not become a redundant knocking shop.

nottingham escorts incalls

New Application Forms

Next up are our new application forms.

We’ve now made it so that all new applicants can attach up to TEN photos, but there are a couple of caveats:

Firstly, no Snapchat (or similar) filters will be allowed. Anyone using these abominations will find that their application ends up straight in the bin.

Secondly (and we’ve just bought this one in to combat fake airbrushed photos) – at least TWO of your photos MUST be selfies.

The reason for this will become apparent in a Secret Diary post that is going out later on tonight, but for those of you that are not members – photographers can work miracles with dubious content, and we need to make sure that any dubious content remains in the dubi-bin, and does not give a false impression to us and our clients.

Anyone sending normal photographs should be fine – it’s just that recently we’ve had a run of ‘professional photos’ that are very flattering, and look nothing like the girl in question.

Applications are open on the Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts Application Page.

Our Latest Toy

Finally, we’d like to introduce you to ‘tags’.

From today, all news items in the blog and the Secret Diary will have a run of ‘tags’ – which are just descriptive words that can be used to find other related content in the content of the post, and will show as ‘links’.

These descriptive words will also pick up when doing a ‘site search’ using our search bar, so there’s no excuse now to miss your favourite content!

We hope that this information has been both enlightening and entertaining to you, and don’t forget to join the Secret Diary for all the latest photo spreads that are not for release to the general public!

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