Nottingham Escorts Scam

Nottingham Escorts Scam – Use an Image Search!

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Last Updated on Thursday, October 12, 2023

Nottingham Escorts Scam – Use an Image Search!

We’re publishing a quick update on all Nottingham escorts scam (scamsvia images) – better known as the ‘Bait and Switch’ scam.

We all know the scenario of a punter out on the razzle, fancying a quick shag because he didn’t pull yet, and for this type of punter there is no cure or antidote.

He will shag whatever is put in front of him and let the beer goggles do the work.

This type of punter is easy meat for any unscrupulous providers out there, both independent and agencies, who rely on a quick hit for their wages no matter what the cost to their reputation – if indeed they had one in the first place.

For the more serious punter though, there is a very simple way to avoid getting scammed and avoid all the pitfalls that go along with it, and that is to do a very simple piece of research, the tools for which are right at your fingertips.

Nottingham Escorts scam Image Search

Using Google Image Search, or Tineye is our staple way of sorting out the real applicants from the fake ones, and this should ideally be used by any punter that wanted some kind of proof that the girl he ordered will be turning up, rather than a washed-out old hag.

Both Google Image search and Tineye have Chrome Applications or Extensions that will make your image searching for a Nottingham escorts scam really easy, and these can be found at the Google Extensions Store.

Once these are installed into your Google Chrome browser, you will see two new menu items when right-clicking an image – ‘search with Tineye’, and ‘Search Google for this Image’.

Try it out on our portfolio page to see how it works.

We usually find that those websites that come up with a way to hide the ‘Image Search’ menu have something to hide – and this can easily be got around by ‘save link as’ and dropping the link into Google Image Search anyway.

You’ll be surprised how many lingerie models and Greek porn stars you find working as providers in Nottingham!

Don’t get scammed, use the #1 Nottingham Escort Agency!

Happy Bookings!

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