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one for the girls post

One For the Girls

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Last Updated on Monday, September 26, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

One For the Girls

We thought that we’d post one for the girls this time in Room 101, and it’s all to do with ruined orgasms and torture.

Mistress Ella Kross is the sweet torturer in this clip, and as you’ll be well aware – it’s shorter than the other clips as guys cannot last as long :)

In our full-length video, we see Ella taking control of a situation with her slave.

Complete with a beautiful Romanian accent, watch as she tortures her slave who was totally up for fucking Ella’s hand up until the point when she removes it so that he has his orgasm totally ruined.

After that, it just gets worse, as she gives her slave her ‘surprise’, which is to make him cum again and again until he cannot stand it any more.

Guys are welcome to watch too, but beware of taking one for the girls, as you too will feel the pain!


Thanks for watching our latest video, and we hope that you don’t end up like the poor guy suffering various tortures (or maybe we do – it’s all down to what the girlfriend/missus/escort has planned for you!)

The content in this post was curated from PornHub and republished on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts in the FETISH section.

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