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optimisation 2

Optimisation 2

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Optimisation 2

It looks like we jumped the gun a little on our last post, and we decided to rectify this problem with this solution – imaginatively titled Optimisation 2.

Looking through the Google Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPS) last night, we were horrified to find that within just one week of using the Rank Math plugin, all of our links – including our branding – had dropped through the floor.

Rank Math optimisation 2

Pity that, as it really did show promise.

Using its modular functions, we were able to activate things like schema, redirections, 404 monitors, and have unrivalled access to Google Search Console, all directly from the website.

Funnily enough, it was this last option that became the ‘whistleblower’ on Rank Math’s proficiency, clearly showing in advance that all was not well and that an optimisation 2 process would be necessary.

Checking up on an incognito browser, it was proved that all of our links had dropped a full page and a half, and our branding was nowhere to be seen.

The Solution?

Luckily we’d not given up on our original SEO optimisation software just yet, and so we launched optimisation 2  with the Yoast software.


Taking only a minimal amount of time to re-setup as we’d only added a couple of new posts with Rank Math, it kicked in immediately and following a re-submission of site-maps, and a Google re-index on demand, our branding link reappeared at position 2, (now at position one).

The other links were showing signs of improvement too.

We’d guess that within a week or so, everything should be back to normal with our optimisation 2 projects.

So what was wrong with the original optimisation?

Well, we’ll hold our hands up for this mistake and declare that not enough research was given to something as important as a new SEO software.

The people at Rank Math seem to have this penchant for adding a video to most of their support topics by a guy called Adam at WPCrafter so that would seem a likely place to start.

Looking at the branding for WPCrafter, that indeed comes in at the first position.

However, what about the other segments/sections/headlines on there?

So we did a Google search for

  • ‘WordPress make a website’
  • ‘WordPress tutorials and WordPress Latest Tutorials’
  • ‘WordPress Resource Guides’, and
  • ‘WordPress Product Reviews’

– all of the sections on the front page of WPCrafter, bearing in mind that as Rank Math was being used on WPCrafter, it should wipe the board with position one rankings.

We appreciate that the search engine ranking positions should be a little more fierce than a local Nottingham escort agency, so we expanded this to allow for any show within the first TEN pages of Google.

No showing at all for ‘WordPress make a website’, ‘WordPress tutorials’, ‘WordPress latest tutorials’ or ‘WordPress product reviews’, although ‘WordPress resource guides’ DID make an appearance for WPCrafter at position 37.

At the same time, we also inspected the source codes of all the page one and two websites, and around 90% of these were using Yoast, whilst the others were not using any SEO software at all.

Therefore if anyone was just starting web-designing with WordPress, WPCrafter – itself a fine website – might never be found by those students unless they decided to use YouTube.

The fall-out and our reasons for going with Optimisation 2

Rank Math considers itself as a ‘swiss army knife’ of SEO, whereas if they just concentrated on the one thing instead of messing around with redirections, 404 errors, schema et al, it would be a lot better.

Alternatively, why not put the whole of their SEO projects into a module, so that it could be turned off if needed, and something like Yoast could be used for the SEO software?

Rank Math proudly advertises ‘less bloat’ on their software, but we don’t quite see the point in this if your SERPS rankings then drop through the floor.

Rank Math itself only comes in at position 18 on a search for ‘WordPress SEO Plugin’ under Yoast at number one and number two, and lots of ‘lists of SEO plugins’.

As it is, we’re sticking with Yoast for now, if only for the masses of websites using it, and indeed the proof of Google in ranking websites using Yoast at least 36 places higher than those using Rank Math.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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