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Our Apologies

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Last Updated on Sunday, May 19, 2024

Our Apologies

I’m afraid that we must offer you our apologies for not being available this last weekend, due to Steve (moi) feeling really ill.

The girls all loved it, as they got an unexpected weekend off but we will be back at work tomorrow (Monday) from 10 am so we thought that we’d add a mini-totty gallery featuring a few naked nurses for you to have a wank over.

Before that though, we thought it best to discuss image optimisation together with a few tools for this that we tried out last week.

There were a couple of image optimisation tools that we (nearly) tried and they were:

1) Shortpixel

2) Imagify

3) Optimole

4) WordPress Convertor for Media Plugin.

Those of you who are regular visitors to this website already know about our affinity to Shortpixel via this post but we thought that it might be worth throwing the cat amongst the pigeons and trying a few different ones.

The first one that we tried was Imagify. which is what we used to use with our WP Rocket caching system. however, with the advent of Litespeed Cache, there was no longer any need to continue with the subscription also, Imagify was so fucking slow and took four days to optimise the images. when complaining about this, they just came up with a load of ‘helper’ plugins, which we didn’t want, so Imagify went straight into the bin.

Optimole was the next one that we tried, but even though it was really speedy, for some reason, it decided to re-size a load of images. so that went into the bin too.

WordPress Convertor for Media never got off the ground due to there being a configuration error as the plugin author had got this plugin configured for an NGINX server when we were using the superior Apache server with Litespeed.

So that left Shortpixel as the clear winner, which is why nothing has really changed.

So here is a mini-totty gallery produced by Shortpixel, and lots of naked nurses (that Lou-Lou insisted we put on to show that I was ill this week).

Nude Nurses 01


Nude Nurses 02




Nude Nurses 03

We hope that you enjoyed the naked nurses and we’ll be back to work tomorrow from 10 am

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