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Out of Town New Areas

Out of Town New Areas

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Out of Town New Areas

Regrettably, we have had to add a few more out of town new areas to our pricing schedule, due to the costs involved in reaching them.

With Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts being the agency that it is, we have been foregoing the agency fees for the girls that are non-drivers so that their fees do not bite un-necessarily into their wages.

From Sunday 6th June 2021 however, this concession has to change in that the out of town new areas rates will start at 10 miles, rather than the 15 miles that we are presently charging for.

Far be it from us to attribute any blame, but it is this corona virus hoax that is causing the price rise, with many cab firms having sneakily raised their prices from around £1-£2 for a local journey (which we can cope with) but as much as £10-£20 for an out-of-town journey (which we cannot cope with), making the return journey fare anywhere between an extra fiver, up to an extra £40.

Most of the areas around junction 24 of the M1 up to junction 28 of the M1 are affected, and the below (not exhaustive list) are those new areas that have been added to our out-of-town list:

  • Junction 24 Coalville (and surrounding)
  • Derby
  • East Midlands Airport Hotels
  • Castle Donnington
  • Mansfield
  • Junction 28 Hotels
  • Ripley

To find out if you will be on the out of town list, simply go to Google and type in ‘nottingham to (enter your town) directions’:

How to do a Google Search

…and using the same method you can do a search for Midlands Maidens whilst you’re at it…

Once again we apologise for bringing in this ‘distance hike’, but to keep our girls working in the manner that they have become acustomed to, it has become a necessary expense to add it to our out of town new areas.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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