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Outcall Rates for Idiots

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Outcall Rates for Idiots

Outcall rates for idiots is a long-overdue news item that is directly related to our ‘Incall Rates for Idiots‘ post, and in many ways is more pertinent.

So – how come so many guys let their cocks do the talking as they left their heads in the pub?

Here are just a few quotes from our own ABOUT page that seem to prove this:

We also accept email enquiries, but for good reason these are better suited to advance bookings, as we might not see your message until the next day.

We see these enquiries most nights, but they come out in force at the weekend. If you were serious about making an outcall appointment within the hour, it’s surely not too much trouble to call the office and arrange it?

On average, it will take anywhere up to an hour from the girl’s phone call to you, for her to reach your location, but we would keep you informed of her estimated time of arrival.

Contrary to most idiots’ opinions, our girls are not champing at the bit for custom, all dressed up in twangers, with a helicopter outside.

Similarly, we will not disturb them whilst they have some poor client on the vinegar stroke who has to wait whilst she can (usually) talk utter crap to the idiot on the phone.

It may well be that it will take far less than an hour to get to you for an outcall, but the only way you’ll find out is to wait for her to contact you.

In the same quote from above, it also says that:

Sometimes a client will tell us that one full hour is too long to wait, and can we make it in 10/20/30 minutes? In this case we would need to cancel the appointment and refer you to an establishment of lower class that doesn’t mind working to curfews.

Funny thing is though, these ‘other providers’ will probably take even longer anyway!

Please bear in mind, that our office staff are highly adept at sorting out these idiots, both alcohol/drug-induced, mentally unstable, school kids in the school holidays and time-wasters.

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts is unique in that we don’t send girls out to dodgy jobs, and the girls themselves wholly agree with this standing.

So the moral of the story is – if you don’t want to be recognised as an idiot, don’t act like a chav on the phone, don’t send emails because you sound like a chav on the phone, and have a little respect for the girl who will arrive for an outcall in pristine condition to give you the time of your life!


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