outcalls and incalls

Outcalls and Incalls

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Outcalls and Incalls

As well as our outcall service at Midlands Maidens, we are now offering incalls. This then is the difference between outcalls and incalls.

With both of these types of bookings, we will NOT ACCEPT TEXTS, WHATSAPP TEXTS OR WHATSAPP CALLS.

A lot of new clients don’t understand this, as they say:

‘well XYZ escorts take them’‘.

The reason for this, what the other provider will NOT tell you, is that text bookings and WhatsApp appointments fire up as much as 90% of timewasters, and result in the poor girl being charged for an appointment that never went ahead as:

‘impossible, and we’ve got the text message to prove it!’

Which is why we do not allow text message or WhatsApp appointments at Midlands Maidens.

Outcalls – The girl comes over to your place:

escort knock
A girl arrives at your place for an appointment

An outcall appointment is available to any client that gives us a phone call to arrange it.

Outcalls are available to any single clients, or any couples, or any set of guys wanting to meet one or more girls, 24 hours a day.

You MUST tell us what the girl will find when she arrives, as solo guys have a habit of turning into groups of guys.

This is another reason why we insist on a phone call booking.

Your chosen girl will then give you a call to find out any requests you might need.

When all is sorted from your end, we will then send the girl over to you.

*Please Note* that in the case of an appointment received from any type of student accomodation (flats, student housing, student hotels or hostels, or student campuses), these bookings are notorious for being time-wasters or ‘blanks’.

Rather than just black-listing ALL student living establishments, at the girls’ insistance we will now be accepting appointments from students provided that they are prepared to supply a deposit of the FULL FEE either by bank transfer or debit/credit card.

Incalls – you come over to our place:

client arrives
One of our girls greets you when you arrive for an incall

The main differences between outcalls and incalls are the times that they’re available, and who can plump for an incall appointment.

Incalls are available each day from 12pm to 10pm unless an overnighter or dinner-date appointment is booked.

All incall bookings are reserved for REGULAR CLIENTS ONLY – more details can be found on the PRICING/RATES page.

We term a regular client as being someone that has used us within the last six months.

All Incall appointments will now be hosted from either local hotels or serviced apartments.

As we would need to pay for the hotel or serviced apartment, A DEPOSIT WILL BE REQUIRED FROM ALL CLIENTS USING THE APARTMENT/ROOM of at least the HOTEL BOOKING FEE. The balance of your appointment fee can then be paid to the girl on her arrival.

All incall appointments are strictly one-on-one only, NO EXCEPTIONS.

We hope that clarifies things for you regarding the difference between outcalls and incalls, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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