Passing a Phone Interview

Passing a Phone Interview With Midlands Maidens

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Passing a Phone Interview

Having given the WhatsApp interviews a little run-out just lately, here are a few tips on passing a phone interview.

Those Job-Seekers amongst you will have noticed by now, that there is an option on the application form to accept a WhatsApp phone interview as a precursor to a full interview.

This is just for STAFF MEMBERS rather than applications for drivers, as we ALWAYS need to interview drivers in person.

Firstly, a phone interview in no way replaces a face to face interview, and even if you pass the phone interview, we will probably insist on a quick meet up, to see how your punctuality and social skills match up to the phone call.

The one advantage of doing it this way is that you’ll already know the result of your interview prior to the meetup.

You will also know what we look like, so there will be no need for descriptions of who will be turning up at your interview, or whether they will be wearing a black bow tie or a rose in their lapel.

What should I wear?

Your phone interview should be treated like any other interview, but with the luxury of doing this at home, you can wear anything that you wanted.

We have had in the past girls in their jim-jams, girls dressed smart but casual, and girls stripping off, spanking their asses and using dildos on themselves, but really, it’s whatever you are comfortable with.

(The girl stripping off and using a dildo failed by the way)

What about my make-up?

We are quite used to waiting for a while until the girl has had a shower and applied their make-up.

We even had one girl that insisted on doing their nails.

Again, it all comes down to what you are comfortable with.

Seeing as WhatsApp video calls are free to use, we usually let the girl call us back when they’ve finished with their hair, make-up and image that they would like to portray.

What about the phone interview itself?

This will be treated exactly the same as a normal interview, where we will give you a full presentation on what it is like to work for a 24-hour escort agency.

You will be told of the prices that we charge to clients and our agency fees, and you should be honest about which services you might be supplying to the client if he should ask for them.

As in our face to face interviews, you might not be told of the result until later, but you WILL get a callback within an hour with a confirmation.

What about the face to face bit?

You MIGHT get a couple of bookings on the strength of passing a phone interview with Midlands Maidens, but we would still insist on a meetup, as we NEVER officially send out a girl on an appointment until we have met them.

This meetup is to assess your punctuality and your social skills, but you will already have passed your interview so it’s just a case of chatting over a coffee or a beer in a public place, with the opportunity to ask a few more questions that we might have missed at your phone interview.

We look forward to inviting you to our staff list!

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