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petite girl fail

Petite Girl Fail

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Petite Girl Fail

You will by now have noticed that our latest petite girl has turned into a petite girl fail. Here’s a run-down on how to become an ex-Maiden.

The girl in question here is Ci-Ci, and despite us having over 50 booking requests (at present) in less than a week, she has only taken one of them, putting a severe strain on our business relationships with potentially good clients.

Much of this is probably our fault, knowing that she had a full-time job and was going to need a little bit of leverage and patience to get her onto appointments.

50 booking requests though is no mean feat in anyone’s circles.

This – coupled with her progressive selective hearing problems – and tripled with her having the most rubbish phone on the planet (Midlands Maidens do not accept phone excuses!) has led to Ci-Ci being our most under-performing and over-rated petite girl fail Maiden since we started.

She was originally placed on the Midlands Maidens staff list last Tuesday, and we needed to wait for her photos to arrive before announcing her.

They arrived by Friday, but at the same time she announced that she was on her period, so after asking us how we treated girls on periods, and finding out that we do not allow them to work, that gave her a first weekend off.

This week, she announced that she was going out on family business, which gave her a second weekend off.

We do not wish to find out what excuses would be given for a third, fourth and subsequent weekends.

It is with great regret then, that we must withdraw Ci-Ci from our staff list, beginning immediately – I mean for god’s sake she didn’t even answer – today – on her day off – to take yet more bookings, or to take our removal call!

We wish Ci-Ci all the best in her 50-60 hours a week minimum wage job on a zero hours contract, that even TWO refused bookings could have matched and eclipsed, and all the best for the future!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

Featured image originally from Pixers but the red cross is ours!


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