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Phones are now Back On

Phones are Now Back On

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Phones are Now Back On

Customers last night will have been disappointed to get a ‘Number Unobtainable’ tone but the phones are now back on for the leading agency in Nottingham.

The reason for this was that we changed phone network providers from EE over to our new one, and we’ve just been securing it from prying thieves, liars and other types of social outcasts, who at one time even managed to ‘steal’ it from EE and used it to supply false text messages to our clients.

Well, I suppose that’s what you need to do if your agency is desperate and full of crap and botox, yes?

Anyway, we timed this to run into ‘pay-weekend’ so that we can announce our extremely lucrative and popular monthly offer to our clients.

It also gave us a little time to recover during this massive heatwave we’ve been having, and there’s nothing like a night off with a selection of lovely cocktails, is there?

All bookings made this weekend between the hours of 10 pm tonight (26th July 2019) and 10 am on Monday (29th July 2019) will qualify for our monthly discount of £150 for the first hour, and £100 for subsequent hours, straight through!

This means that you can ask to see any English, American, Thai, Chinese, blonde, brunette, busty,  girl next door, or lollicon, for the dirt-cheap rate of £150, all-inclusive from the leading escort agency in Nottingham.

Now that the phones are now back on and receiving messages, it would seem that there will be a great demand for girls this weekend, but we would ask that you respect our previous post on 6 Tips for Punters to get through to us rather than texting, WhatsApp-ing or emailing, as these ‘bookings’ are largely ignored and/or laughed at.

We look forward to taking your calls on the usual number – 07983-910-208 – but on our new network for your convenience.

See you next post, and Happy Bookings!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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