Photo Networks Reviews

Photo Networks Reviews

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Photo Networks Reviews

Photo networks are a big part of our lives in an image-driven company, and we’ve just added a few accounts for you to follow in our footer links section.

Just how good are these types of account though?

Here are our thoughts on photo network sharing websites – the three new ones just added, and an old favourite that we’ve been using for ages.

sample picture


TUMBLR has been around for ages, and despite having an unfathomable ‘edit bar’ where you can decide on the type of post you wanted to add, and which ‘theme’ you wanted to use, it’s a breeze to use for auto-posting, as this method of adding a post bypasses any sidebar limitations.

It’s a blogging platform rather than a photo network sharing one, but many users are now using it for the latter option.

Censorship on Tumblr has just had a strict censorship policy imposed, and whilst we just use it for our blog posts, many people use it to post ‘gif’ type images. A nice social sharing network that we’re sure you’ll enjoy using.

A few examples of images found on Tumblr:


FLICKR is a dedicated photo network sharing gallery that we’ve just got into, and we find it a breeze to use either via their dashboard or via auto-posting.

Any censorship is carried out by Flickr’s in-house filters (a little like Twitter) whereby you can choose to view NSFW (Not Safe For Work) photos, or not, as the case may be.

Again, we’re just using it for our blog posts at the moment, but this is a great photo network run by Yahoo of all people, proving that they can get it right sometimes!

Some examples of images from Flickr:


We’ve been with PINTEREST for ages, using it now for blog posts rather than content.

Pinterest shares the best of both worlds, allowing links to the blog post and showing off an image from the post in one fell swoop.

Just as easy to post to either manually, or by auto-posting, this is the only image sharing website we’re aware of that also has a site verification system with an analytics dashboard.

Censorship on Pinterest is a little stricter than the previous two examples, but it’s a lot classier for this – you won’t find any tits and fannies here – but it’s a great sharing site nonetheless.

Here are a few images from Pinterest:


Finally, we come to INSTAGRAM which although it somehow has a great reputation, has none of the features of the other three photo networks.

Link to a blog post? You can’t – it just adds the link in plain text.

Share a photo? You can’t – it sends you to a further link where your photo gets added.

Resize your photo? You can’t – all photos are square – unless you add them from a blog post that you cannot share.

Censorship is very strict – no boobs and fannies whatsoever – and whereas Pinterest (above) was classy because of this, that doesn’t apply to Instagram’s ‘all square photos’ policy, as every account and search looks the same.

As mentioned earlier, you cannot share photos from Instagram so we cannot put a sample gallery here.

A poor relative of a social network that is not in any way social, we cannot recommend Instagram to anyone.

Our top three photo networks then, with Instagram holding them up, are:

1) Tumblr

2) Flickr

3) Pinterest

Nowhere) Instagram

Do you agree with our final judgements on photo networks?

Leave a comment and let us know!

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