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Price Comparison

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Price Comparison

One of the first blog posts we ever published, was a price comparison for services rendered. How does it stand up in today’s market?

The blog post in question, was one posted when we were still using the ‘escortsite’ software, when things were much simpler, and there were hardly any image, or bait and switch scams, for customers to contend with.

Now though, these price comparisons are even more essential to follow, and after a discussion with one of our regular clients that has been with us for most of the 15 years of our operation, we thought that we’d resurrect the old post and compare what you’d be paying today.

The original price comparison was between ourselves, ABC, and Feline, (ABC and Feline are no longer operating), and compared the cost to any client of using these three agencies, or going out for a night on the lash in the hope of picking up a likely shagee.

What’s being compared this time is again ourselves, but this time with two new pretenders to the throne – VIP Callgirls and Elite Diamond – who rely mainly on passing trade rather than getting regular clients.

We will compare appointments at Midlands Maidens, VIP Callgirls and Elite Diamond in comparison to going out for a night on the lash.

An Appointment with Midlands Maidens:

This is the obvious place to start, as it’s the simplest option.

Our services and transport costs for local appointments within 15 miles of the girls’ present location are all inclusive, meaning that there are no ‘extras’ to pay for.

You will also get a free phone call from the girl that you chose, to confirm that she’s the same girl you saw on her profile page, the services that she provides, and the time that she will be arriving for your appointment.

The Cost for this is £150 for the first hour, and £100 for subsequent hours, or if you are a new client using us between 10pm – 10am, you will be charged £200 for the first hour, and £100 for subsequent hours.

Due to us revelling in regular clientelle however, you will be deemed as a regular client, getting the regular client discount, following your first appointment with us.

Final cost£150 for regular clients, or £200 for new clients between 10pm – 10am.

You can see from this scenario that you can get your rocks off for £150 and then order a pizza or go out for a drink with friends, knowing that you’ve already had one of our elite escorts and there’s no need to try and ‘pull’ any more.

Price Comparison 1

Price Comparison Out on the Lash/VIP/EDiamond

These all need to be placed together, as VIP and Elite Diamond DO NOT hope for repeat clients, and the majority of their girls will be propping up the bar at The Old Dog and Partridge anyway.

So – the initial cost for ‘out on the lash’:

6pm – Getting ready, having a bath, adding some strange deodorant and spiking up hair, having a shave and a couple of bottles of beer for dutch courage – around £10.

7pm – Cab (or bus for the tight wads) into town – £15 (or free for the tight wads who are using easy rider or Oyster cards).

8pm – More bottles for dutch courage, then looking around for any likely pick-ups and finding that the beer goggles haven’t taken effect yet, but the barmaid looks nice – £20.

9pm – Here come the girls – she looks nice – fancy a drink miduck?

Yes I’ll have a Sex on the Beach please

– hey, wheres that girl gone? No problem, here’s another one – fancy a drink miduck?

Yes, a Banana Dachari please’ – ‘fank woo – oos that girl winking at woo‘?

– Now she’s buggered off too – never mind, nightclub will be open soon – around £70 – £80.

11pm – Nightclub entry fee – £20 – £30. No girls in yet so I’ll have a couple of beers – £20.

12am – Here they come – hi girls, fancy a drink?

Yes, I’ll have a Sex on the Beach, a Banana Dachari for my friend, and a couple of shots each, please – didn’t we see you earlier? Really glad we found you again

– round comes to around £60 plus four shots at a fiver each, plus a beer for yourself – £90.

1am – Where they fucking gone now? Fuck this, I’ll book an escort.

2am –

Yes, just look for the girl standing outside the big black door and tell her Janine sent you, but make sure you also buy her three happy bags. How long did you want?

Just half an hour –

that’ll be £100.’

– £100.

2.15am – Realising that you’ve also got to pay for the happy bags or get beaten up – £200. Likelyhood of a satisfying shag from a trafficked Romanian – Nil.

3am – Cab home – £25.

Final cost for the night out – £600 (with a £15 discount for those using easy rider or Oyster cards).

Price comparison 2

From the above two scenarios, it’s easy to see what the recommended option is.

Either pay £150 and get an elite escort girl from Midlands Maidens, that is guaranteed to float your boat and leave you gasping for more, or pay upwards of £600 for a trafficked Romanian or streetwalker and her happy bags.

This is just one more reason that we charge £200 per hour after 10pm, in that the majority of ‘clients’ at that time will be either pissed or coked up, and the girls would simply not enjoy their subsequent appointments.

We do have many regular clients after 10pm though, and whilst they did not enjoy paying the £200 ‘new client’ fee, they love it that as regulars, they now have a £50 discount on all future after-10pm appointments.

We would like to invite you to test the waters with Midlands Maidens, either as a client or as a new staff member, where all the girls and their clients are treated with the respect that they fully deserve.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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