Price Match

Price Match

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Last Updated on Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Price Match

It gets really annoying when people try to compare prices, even though we’re an all-inclusive agency. For those people, we re-introduce the PRICE MATCH.

It’s all a bit daft really, as with the Midlands Maidens all-inclusive system your appointment is taken care of from the word ‘go’ – we do not believe in lying to clients, so if there’s no-one available at present we’d rather tell you this so that you have a freedom of choice in whether to wait for a couple of hours or try elsewhere.

We also do not lie about the TYPES of girl available as can be found out from the courtesy call that our girls give you.

If you wanted an English busty blonde that had a wide variety of services, we would not send a flat-chested brunette Romanian with chicken fillets stuffed up her bra that did nothing. Only when you are completely happy with your/our choice will your details get passed over to the girl for her courtesy call.

First, we’ll see what you get at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by using our all-inclusive system:

  • All services as described on the profile pages of our escortsFREE.
  • All local transport costs within 10 miles – FREE.
  • Courtesy Call from the girl to confirm that her services are correct – FREE.
  • Minimal agency fees so that the girl will not be out of pocket – FREE.
  • Bookings for extensions to your original appointment – FREE .
  • Our excellent knowledge in placing the right girl on the right appointment – FREE.

This is probably the simplest pricing scale of any UK escort agency and has been arranged as such so that both the client and the girls know exactly where they are as regards costs.

Even if you happen to fall foul of our ‘unknown clients’ rules between 10 pm to 10 am of having to pay a £50 deposit, this gets rescinded on further appointments, as then you become a regular client.

However, there’s no satisfying some people, so for those, we re-introduce the old Price Matching system, whereby we will match the prices of any local escort agency or independent.

Options for customers wanting to use our price match system rather than our all-inclusive system:

(Streetwalkers are not included in this price match offer as they only do the job to fuel their next hit.)

This is a ‘like for like’ offer, so be aware that any costs for services and transport will be added to your booking fee, so with an escort agency charging £120-£140 per hour or an independent girl charging anywhere upwards of £100 per hour, the price match system would run as follows:

  • Cost of local transport – £20-£40.
  • Service cost for kissing, per kiss – £10.
  • Service cost for DFK, per DFK (deep French kissing) – £20.
  • Service cost for full GFE (girlfriend experience) – £30.
  • Service cost for rimming (an extra in GFE) – £30.
  • Service cost for OWO (oral without a condom) – £30.
  • Service cost for CIM (cum in mouth) – £30.
  • Service cost for Anal – £50.
  • Service cost for mild domination – £75.
  • The service cost for a bisexual girl (for couples) – £50 per person.
  • Service cost for a girl to see multiple guys – all prices as above x the number of guys.
  • Service cost for doing the whole thing more than once – £50 per person.

In the case of transport costs, relevant receipts will be provided and passed over to you for payment.

Other prices and costs for services (as there are many more) can be found by calling the office for a quote.

Whenever your appointment ends due to you having ‘cummed’ the girl will be free to leave whenever she wants, as her job is done – except for if a new appointment is arranged when the above prices start again.

The agency or independent that you are attempting to ‘price match’ with MUST be open and trading so that we can confirm her/their prices.

You will NOT receive a courtesy call from the girl, as this is an added expense. If you insist on a courtesy call, this will be charged at £5 per 10 minutes, payable by bank transfer or Credit/Debit card.

Once an appointment has been taken and agreed upon, this may be subject to a deposit of at least the return transport costs to dissuade customers from sending girls out on ‘blanks’.

So there we go then, sorry for making the last part so business-like but if that’s how you wanted it, so be it.

Dunno, might be worth working out what exactly you’d be spending on other agencies or independents before taking the plunge?

Or maybe you could just stop complaining and whining about our prices and go all-inclusive with the leading escort agency at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts!

Proudly published by the Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts Agency and the NEWS team.



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