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Price Rises at Midlands Maidens

Price Rises at Midlands Maidens

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Last Updated on Monday, March 13, 2023

Price Rises at Midlands Maidens

Due to the rising prices in administration costs, we are forced to announce that there will be price rises at Midlands Maidens.

…Well for a few of you anyway.

What follows is a schematic on these, with a handy guide on how you can avoid any price rises at Midlands Maidens.

Ever since we started out, the prices for appointments with an escort girl have virtually remained the same, with Midlands Maidens preferring to err on the side of ‘expensive with all ‘extras’ included’, rather than those providers that start out cheaper, but add ‘extras’ for breathing, and for cab or drivers’ fares.

The problem with this way of working is the collection of Agency Fees.

Midlands Maidens have always preferred to keep this simple by either inviting the girls out for a drink, when the agency fees can be paid along with the free rounds, or waiting patiently until the girl visits her bank, deposits the agency fees, goes to her banking app, and sends the fees over.

We would prefer NOT to put the girl’s windows through or break a few limbs, like a few of the dubious local ‘gangsta’ providers do if the girl is half-an-hour late on paying her agency fees.

What has been agreed on then is this:

The cost for a ONE HOUR appointment will rise from £150 to £160, with NO increase for subsequent hours.

The cost for a NEW CLIENT appointment before 10am and after 10pm will remain unchanged.

The cost for a COUPLES appointment (one male and one female) will rise from £220 to £230, with NO increase for subsequent hours.

The cost for a TWO OR MORE GUYS appointment will remain unchanged, as will the OUT OF TOWN rates, which were augmented last month.

All payments listed above are for CASH payers.

Ok, so it’s mainly bad news at the moment, but what about the guide on avoiding the price rises at Midlands Maidens?

Most of our regular clients already realise this, and following FOUR such appointments booked last night, we’ve now decided to use this method to reduce admin costs.

For those customers that elect to pay in advance by bank transfer or by Credit/Debit cards, the increase in prices will be revoked.

This cuts the admin costs to virtually nothing, meaning that your costs as a customer will not change.

Isn’t this ‘deposit’ thing all a bit of a scam though? I’m sure I read that somewhere?

You did indeed, and it was probably on this very website in the DEPOSIT SCAM post.

In that post, there was a poor guy from UK PUNTING that had paid a small deposit and got ripped off.

Whatever you think about the users of UK PUNTING, it’s always nasty to see this scam being carried out and ruining it for other legitimate agencies.

So for those of you who haven’t yet used Midlands Maidens, here’s how a PROPER deposit scheme works:

First, you choose which girl you’d like to meet, then give us a call when we will put that girl in touch with you.

Quite often, especially late at night, the girl will ask for a £50 deposit anyway if you’re not known to us, purely to eradicate any time-wasters.

Only when you’re happy with the girl, and realise that it’s not some overweight Romanian shot-putter, you give us a call back at the office and we give you our details.

Finally, you will then have the choice of paying the remaining balance by bank transfer if you so wish, or using cash to pay the outstanding balance.

Midlands Maidens will NEVER ask for the full fee in advance unless you are a student, who are mainly all notorious time-wasters, which is explained in more detail in the OUTCALLS AND INCALLS post.

With Midlands Maidens having been going for over 15 years now, we are NOT about to scam any passing trade who might well turn into regular clients, and you can rest assured that our deposit scheme for customers is the pride of the East Midlands.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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  1. Tried this scheme out this afternoon on my Louise booking and even extended 30 mins as it was so easy. Thanks midlands maidens!

    ADMIN Edit:
    Always a pleasure Dave, and Louise thanks you for the extension!

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