Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts Pricing and Rates

Updated 21st July 2022

Please note – in these pricing schedules, the prices are for LOCAL appointments made within 10 miles of a girl’s home location.

Also please note – Make sure that you read the ‘Small Print’ section at the bottom of the page for reference on how our deposit scheme works.

All prices include local travelling expenses and any services that the girl promotes on her profile page.

Although at first glance our prices seem expensive, please note that all prices for local travel and services are included in the price, meaning that there is no more to pay.

Out-of-town appointments – If you wanted a girl to travel further than 10 miles, please add the appropriate amount as stated in the Out-Of-Town panel to cover her travelling time and expenses.

Customer EtiquetteMidlands Maidens is unique in that the prices on this page were set out by the girls themselves. We have been informed by those girls, that any callers attempting to ‘barter for a better price’ should have the phone put down on them. Please do not barter, as having the phone put down on you might be seen as being offensive.

Prices and Rates

1-on-1 Bookings
£160first hour
  • *NEW* 24/7 price for all clients! check here
  • Local bookings, within 10 miles of Nottingham City Centre
  • Subsequent hours at £100
  • All Travel included
  • All Services included
  • Payments by cash, bank transfer and credit/debit cards accepted
Couple Bookings (one male, one female)
£220first hour
  • GENUINE bisexual girl sent to you
  • Subsequent hours at £150
  • Local bookings within 10 miles
  • All Travel included
  • All Services included
  • Payments by cash, bank transfer and credit/debit cards accepted
Two Guy Bookings to meet ONE girl
£250first hour
  • Girls only sent over if GENUINELY comfortable
  • Local bookings within 10 miles
  • Subsequent hours at £150
  • All Travel included
  • All Services included
  • Payments by cash, bank transfer and credit/debit cards accepted
Two Girl Bookings to meet ONE guy
£280first hour
  • Girls only sent over if GENUINELY bi-sexual
  • Local bookings within 10 miles
  • Subsequent hours at £200
  • All Travel included
  • All Services included
  • Payments by cash, bank transfer and credit/debit cards accepted
Extended Bookings and Dinner Dates
£400, £750, £900
  • Dining and Dessert appointment  – around 2hrs dinner plus around 2hrs ‘dessert’ time – £400
  • Overnight booking up to 8 hrs – £750
  • Overnight booking up to 12 hrs – £900
  • Free Maidens Champagne (on request) for overnight bookings
  • Local bookings within 10 miles
  • All Travel included
  • All Services included
  • Subsequent hours at £100
  • Payments by cash, bank transfer and credit/debit cards accepted
Incalls are now being taken
£170first hour
  • We are now offering incalls from local hotels and serviced apartments ONLY
  • All Incall appointments will now require a deposit by bank transfer or credit card to cover our costs in the case of a no-show from yourself.
  • If your girl agrees to a smaller deposit than the full fee, the balance must be paid when you meet each other.

  • Regular clients only check here
  • Appointments from 1 hour
  • Subsequent hours at £100
  • Available from 12pm – 10pm
  • All Services included
  • Payments by cash, bank transfer and credit/debit cards accepted
Out of Town Bookings

All costs and prices for out-of-town appointments are taken from the airport transfers section of the DG Cars website, then doubled (for transport each way) and then rounded up to the nearest £5.

We apologise for having to bring these prices in, but with petrol prices shooting up due to the war in Ukraine, we had no other choice.

We will hopefully be able to reduce these costs when the war is over. Slava Ukraini!

  • 10-30 miles – (minimum 2hrs booking) Derby, Ripley, Mansfield, East Midlands Airport Hotels, Chesterfield, Burton, Newark, Grantham, Melton, Leicester etc – regular fees plus £60 transport costs.
  • 30-50 miles (minimum 3hrs booking) Stoke, Coventry, Lincoln, Spalding, Sheffield, Wolverhampton etc – regular fees plus £100 transport costs
  • 50-75 miles (minimum 4hrs booking) Birmingham, Telford, Northampton, Peterborough etc – regular fees plus £150 transport costs
  • 75-100 miles (minimum overnight booking)  Manchester, Leeds, Oxford, Cambridge, East Coast etc – regular fees plus £260 transport costs
  • 100-150 miles (minimum overnight booking) London, Scarborough, Hull, Norwich, Shrewsbury etc – regular fees plus £310 transport costs
  • All Services included
  • Subsequent hours at £100
  • Payments by cash, bank transfer and credit/debit cards accepted

Outcall Etiquette

When you make an appointment to meet one or more of our girls in a hotel, the girl will initially call you back on the HOTEL ROOM NUMBER phone for security and safety reasons. If your hotel room does not have a phone, you will be asked for your booking details and/or a minimal deposit (refundable by the girl when she arrives) by bank transfer or credit card, to cover any expenses made.

Please do not confuse ‘Dinner Dates’ with ‘Pub Crawls’. A dinner date should be an event between two people who then might decide to take things further between themselves. A pub crawl is an event where you will be out on the razzle and might run into a few of the girl’s friends who will question what you’re doing there.

On those appointments where you as a couple wanted to meet one of our girls, we would presume that you’d be needing to meet a bisexual girl. Not all girls are bisexual (believe it or not!), but we will do our best to get a genuine bisexual girl over to you as soon as possible.

In those appointments where there are one or two guys wanting to see two or more girls, they can be sent over to you but it might take a while to get them to arrive together. These prices are charged at the rate of £150 PER GIRL for the first hour, and £100 PER GIRL for subsequent hours.

All out-of-town appointments need to be confirmed by the office. If your town is not on the list, call us for an estimate. This type of appointment may be subject to a deposit of AT LEAST the transport costs. Please read the section at the bottom (Small Print) for our policy on refunding deposits.

Incall Etiquette

Our incall pricing means that you don’t have to bother getting a hotel or invite a girl over to your place. There are however a few conditions to recognise when coming over to our place:

  • Incall bookings are for REGULAR CLIENTS ONLY (check the ‘small print’ section below for more info).
  • You MUST attempt to be on time as if you are late you might be asked to leave early as the next client might be arriving.
  • Any deposits made will be forfeit if you either turn up late or don’t arrive at all.
  • All incall appointments are between two people – the girl, and the client. Any more than this would mean that we could be charged with running a brothel, which could be embarrassing for all concerned.
  • Any GROUP of clients turning up will lose their deposit due to the above reasons.

Pricing and Rates - The Small Print

  • This pricing schedule is effective from 21/07/2022 but may be changed at any staff member’s discretion in either party’s favour.
  • ———————————————————————-
  • *INFO* – A client will be termed as a regular client provided that he/she/they have used our services at least once in the past six months. go back
  • ———————————————————————-
  • All pricing and agency fees were agreed with a quorum of staff and Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts management prior to publication.
  • If you choose to pay by a deposit, this can be refunded in full provided that your refund request is made IN GOOD TIME (usually prior to 30 minutes of the girl arriving for your appointment).
  • Midlands Maidens are one of the few agencies that accept credit/debit card bookings, but to access this system you will need to call the office back (after your courtesy call from the girl) so that we can validate your payment through our Fraud Prevention system. Our FPS will charge you a 5% surcharge on top of your agreed pricing fee to use it. This system will immediately warn us of any attempt to use a card fraudulently, and we will report any such instances of the location used, the person attempting to use it etc, to the relevant authorities. 99% of the time you will not have a problem with this method – it’s just for the arse-holes using stolen credit cards that go around trying to book escorts and getting someone else to pay for them.
  • In the event of your hotel room not having a phone, or if you’re in the bar getting pissed, a minimal deposit of £50 will be asked for by the girl or the agency, to be paid into the agency account, to prevent one or more of the girls having to traipse around trying to find you. This is purely for our own security, and we consider that £50 makes for a rather pricey ‘blank’.
  • In the case of an appointment received from any type of student accommodation (flats, student housing, student hotels or hostels, or student campuses), these bookings are notorious for being time-wasters or ‘blanks’. Rather than just black-listing ALL student living establishments, at the girls’ insistence, we will now be accepting appointments from students provided that they are prepared to supply a deposit of the FULL FEE either by bank transfer or debit/credit card.
  • ———————————————————————–
  • All deposits made regarding an appointment will be fully refunded by the girl when she arrives, by removing the deposit amount from the full fee.
  • If you choose to pay your full pricing fee or deposit by using an Internet Bank Transfer this SHOULD go through immediately. However, in certain cases (Santander or HSBC accounts for eg) the payment may take an hour to show up in our account. In these cases, we cannot send out the girl until your payment shows up, and we would suggest that you change your bank account to a real one that doesn’t mess things up.
  • Any deposit made in regard to an appointment is held at the office until such time as the girl(s) have indicated that they are en route to your location, at which point it is transferred over to their account and is no longer refundable.
  • If you have agreed to pay a deposit for an incall service, or for an outcall service, and the girl is already on her way to come and see you, then your deposit is forfeit to cover any expenses incurred.
  • With respect to out-of-town appointments, we will do our best to make sure that either a girl who drives or a girl with a regular driver will attend. In those cases where the girl would need to catch a taxi, thereby wiping out any fees that she would earn, we would need to respectfully decline those appointments.
  • ———————————————————————-
  • ALL of the above rules and regulations (incall etiquette, outcall etiquette and small print) are enforced by ALL local agencies worth their salt – it’s just that we chose to tell you about them in advance. They are designed to make sure that any girl working for Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts has a safe and secure environment to work in, which in turn gives YOU a safe environment to enjoy yourself in. If you do not agree with our rules, policies and safety points, then please try elsewhere.
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