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protected by the shield

Protected by the Shield

Last Updated on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 by Midlands Maidens

Protected by the Shield

You will no doubt have noticed our new security toy in your device window proclaiming that this website is now ‘Protected by the Shield’. In the sense of Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts‘ transparency, we thought we’d explain what it does, and how you’ll be affected.

The vast majority of users will not be affected by the protected by the shield tools, and there’s even an option on the logo to turn it off (in the top left corner), but we think it looks rather cool and we chose to announce it on the website.

The tool now allows you to choose two-factor authentication if you were logged in with your account on the Secret Diary for instance – or not – the choice is your own. This two-factor authentication is operated by Google Authenticator and requires that you have your mobile to hand, to receive a unique six-digit login code.

If you were thinking of writing a reply to a post – a ‘comment’ – this is where you’ll find the main difference. Comments now are subject to a ‘token’ which last for ten minutes – which means that if you take eleven minutes to write a comment, your message will be refused.

This has the effect of reducing our ‘comment spam’ to all but zero and is a great addition to the website.

All emails and forms remain the same, so you can compose a message, an application or a free text message as per normal.

As mentioned above, being ‘protected by the shield’ has vastly reduced our comment spam, and attacks on files from Turkey and Ukrania have been all but eradicated.

We hope that you understand our reasons for using this new toy, and well done if you got this far instead of being diverted by our naked Captain America tottie!



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