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PWA blog post

PWA at Midlands Maidens

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Last Updated on Saturday, March 11, 2023

PWA at Midlands Maidens

Ok, so what’s this jiggery-pokery all about? What on earth is a PWA? It’s quite neat actually, and you’ve probably already seen it.

A PWA is a shorthand for a Progressive Web App, and once again Midlands Maidens lead the way in this newest technology.

So what does a PWA do?

When you’re browsing a website on a mobile phone, or a tablet, you might move to an area where the wi-fi drops out, or you need to go over to your mobile data package, or there might not be any internet at all.

We’ve all been there and done that, which is where a PWA comes in extremely useful!

A Progressive Web App (when it’s installed) will take notes on which pages on the website you’ve viewed and store them inside your mobile phone or tablet. Then when you wanted to view them again, it just uploads them from your browser cache – and even if you’ve got NO internet available, you can still view the Midlands Maidens website.

Note that you MUST have previously viewed a page for it to register – so if you have a quick run through our staff members, and blog posts, all those pages that you’ve viewed will be eligible for PWA viewing.

If you HAVEN’T viewed a page previously and your wi-fi has bricked out, we uploaded a neat ‘Offline’ page to say that this page is offline until you connect to the internet again.

Wow, that sounds cool – how do I download it?

It certainly IS cool – one day ALL websites will have a PWA installed – and installing it is as simple as pressing a button.

When viewing the website on a mobile phone or tablet, you should now be greeted with this:


…note the area marked in a red box.

To install the PWA, just click onto that area and you will find that a new link has been added to your apps and widgets called ‘Nottingham E’.

To make sure that the new app runs properly, CLEAR YOUR BROWSER CACHE by going to:

Your internet browser>> Settings>> Privacy>> Delete Browsing data, and check the first three options:

The video above is for an Android phone, but we’re guessing that an iPhone will be pretty similar.

Then you can fire up your new PWA link and browse the Midlands Maidens website, making everything that you view visible even when you have no internet!

I haven’t got a PWA link in my browser?

Depending on which browser you use to view the website, you might not see the PWA link at the bottom.

That’s not a problem – it just means your mobile browser is not supported yet for the PWA link.

To get around this, clear your browser cache as in the video above, then go through the following easy steps:

1) Go to your chosen internet browser and view the Midlands Maidens website.

2) Look for the little checkmark that is now at the top of your internet page:


3) Clicking onto that checkmark will do exactly the same as if you’d clicked the ‘add to homepage’ link – ie it will add a new PWA link into your apps and widgets list.

4) If you don’t see a checkmark either, try clicking onto the three dots, or the ‘MORE’ settings option at the top of your internet browser:

5) From the list of items, click onto ‘Add to Homescreen’ option. This again will add the page into your apps and widgets list.

[bctt tweet=”Cool, I can now view the Midlands Maidens website when my internet bricks!” username=”MidlandsMaidens”]

We reckon we’ve just about covered every eventuality there, so enjoy your new install and we look forward to seeing you even with no internet!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

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