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Queen Adreena

Queen Adreena – Pretty Like Drugs

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Queen Adreena – Pretty Like Drugs

The world is watching as I take my last breath

The world is watching as I get undressed

Coz I’m pretty like drugs

Ah well, yet again in the office with the two (yes, still not changed – APPLY HERE FOR JOBS) girls out on the road, we fired up the trusty record player and discovered an amazing band called Queen Adreena.

A little bit of research showed that these are not playing right now, but the lead singer, Katie Jane Garside, is still playing with various bands, and due to her lack of kit is a prime candidate to feature in the Midlands Maidens Music Box.

We actually found an old gig listing from Rock City, where the reviewer was ‘blown away’ by the diverse musical styles that Queen Adreena showed, and if the music in this video is anything to go by, we’ll be at the front of the queue for tickets should they ever play in the UK again.

Queen Adreena certainly lived up to their reputation, this was certainly a theatrical masterpiece. Vocalist Katie Jane Garside draws you into her warped world and darkest depths of her mind with the lyrics, and at the same time she just mesmerises you with her stage antics.

We’re getting bored with trying to find new, boring jazz songs for you now (that and falling asleep), so we’re going to put Queen Adreena live for you, with no support.

Enjoy Queen Adreena playing their official video from YouTube – Pretty Like Drugs,

Excellent performance there from all concerned, and a special thank-you to Miss Katie Jane Garside’s make up artist for smudging her lippy so decadently, turning her into a mad woman that we’d all love to meet!

That’s all for this time, keep a look out for our next Music Box post!

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