Raiders of the Lost Farts

Raiders of the Lost Farts

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Last Updated on Sunday, August 20, 2023

Raiders of the Lost Farts

An interesting ‘play on words’ for this latest Secret Diary entry, but Raiders of the Lost Farts could not have been more appropriate.

This interview took place in one of our favourite City Centre locations, but as in so many instances, both girls failed after initially passing their respective interviews.

Interview Location: Nottingham City Centre

Interview Partner: Jessica

Interview Time: 1 pm and 1.30 pm

Jessica was the one who was marginally late this time, as our first applicantMarie – turned up ahead of her allocated time.

Marie was a petite English strawberry blonde, 5’6″ tall, size 10-12, bust size 36D, but looked nothing like the images that she had sent over.

Nevertheless, she did well at her interview, and for once we had covered every question she needed to ask in our presentation.

We’d already worked out that Marie (who said that she had never done escorting before) would be interviewed first, as our second applicant – Nadia – was already working at another local escort provider.

Nadia was a Romanian brunette, 5’10” tall, size 8-10, bust size 36C, and looked exactly like the images that she had supplied.

She again gave a good interview, and once again we covered every question she needed to ask in our presentation.

So two new Maidens?

Read on to see how the wheels fell off…

Shortly after the interview, we had a visit from one of our regular clients, who was excited that a threesome might be forthcoming.

Our client first turned Nadia down flat.

This was because he had seen her previously with another local provider, where she ‘seemed rather distant and cold’.

He then turned down Marie when he got to the hotel when he sent a message to recall her back to the interview location.

So the four of us decided to go on a mini pub crawl.

Marie was getting perpetual calls from her partner, and it was noted that it was the same name as the owner of the other local provider.

She was not informed there and then, but it was decided that Marie would not be joining us.

It was a little trickier to dismiss Nadia, as up to this point she had done nothing wrong except for being turned down by a client earlier.

However, walking her back to her car it was noted that she had not parked where we specified – Nadia drove from Leicester to meet with us – but had instead parked where the VIP Callgirls’ incall premises used to be located, instead of the suggested NCP Car Park on Fletcher Gate.

This all seemed very fishy, and Lou-Lou sorted this out within a minute of returning to the office when she found Nadia on yet another local provider’s website, using the name of Marie.

We tried calling both girls the next day, at exactly the same time that we had given them their confirmation call the day before, and both phones went to voicemail.

Three more attempts were made which all remained unanswered.

Marie and Nadia, therefore, were dismissed by text message, after which Nadia called to explain that she had received a text message.

It was explained to Nadia that we couldn’t get through to either of them, due to voicemail kicking in when she declared that she couldn’t understand it.

We said that she had failed the interview at this present time, to which Nadia replied ‘Oh, ok then. Bye’.

Marie never got back to us, so it was presumed that Nadia had told her the vague reason.

So endeth the Raiders of the Lost Farts, and another raiding party had failed to join Midlands Maidens.

Do you think that you could do better than Marie and Nadia?

Visit the ESCORTS JOBS page, or click on the Whatsapp logo at the bottom of this page to prove that you’re better than a couple of raiding farts 🙂

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team

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