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Remove Voicemail

Remove Voicemail

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Remove Voicemail

Something that really annoys us when phoning clients or girls, is when the voicemail kicks in. Here’s how to remove voicemail from your phone.

We’ve all been there – you’re phoning someone up and after six rings the voicemail kicks in, meaning you either need to leave a voicemail which no doubt will be ignored anyway, or you need to ring back and suffer the same six rings before the voicemail kicks in again.

The majority of the time, and from personal experience when using the EE network, you need to have a voicemail PIN, which you’ll forget, and you get reams of voicemails piling up, all from people trying to sell you something or to get your PPI claim sorted.

In many cases you even need to PAY to listen to these spam messages.

Here then is how to remove voicemail from your phone and get your proper life back.

First up, a short video for an Android phone:

…which is fine, but only the notifications are removed. And you need to cancel the notifications again if you ever need to re-start your phone

A little more thorough is this method on an iPhone:

A far more permanent and easily reversible method there for iPhones then, but what if you don’t have a smartphone and you still wanted to remove voicemail?

This method works for ALL phones, smart or less smart, and the only complication you might find is navigating the robot menu system for your network provider.

First you need to contact your own customer support team (usually by dialling 150 or 789) from your phone, which is a FREE call. PAYG EE customers will find that they need to get put through to a representative and get charged 50p for this privilege (does anyone still use EE?)

When you’ve navigated the robot menu systems and you finally get put through to a customer service rep, you will then need to tell them that you wish to remove voicemail from your phone.

Voicemail is a big earner for phone networks, as they’re getting paid when someone leaves one, and also when you retrieve it, so you will first be asked if you just wanted to change the number of rings before voicemail kicks in.

Ignore this offer and insist that you wanted to remove voicemail from your phone, but casually ask if it would be ok to set it up again later?

You’ll then get the voicemail removed and your phone is your own again – no more needing to race downstairs before the sixth ring to answer it and to get your PPI offer on a live line :)

We hope that this little public service announcement helps a few of you out, and that you cancel this monstrosity of a service that only goes to fill up the network providers pockets!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

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