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service re-rack

Service Re-Rack

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Service Re-Rack

Over the last couple of days, we’ve been alerted to a couple of website features that had stopped working, so we’ve had to perform a service re-rack.

This was a little like solving a Rubik’s Cube, but with the help of those at Krystal Hosting, everything seems to be working fine (once again) (touch wood!)

There was also a question that was left out of Leela’s ‘Interview With the Vampire’ post that we deemed unsuitable, but following a typical Midlands Maidens altercation with a knob-head client last night, we’ve decided to add it in this post – not because it’s technical or anything, but to end things with a laugh.

The Service Re-Rack.

This all started with a message from one of our clients, mentioning that they couldn’t leave comments or suggestions on the website. On checking this, we found that all comments and suggestions were coming up with a 403 (you do not have permission to access this resource) error.

We got in touch with Krystal about this, and they immediately started a permissions refresh, which in most cases should have solved it.

It didn’t though, so we moved onto our little shopping list to find out where the problems laid.

First on our list was the security software – so we disabled it and everything went back to normal!

Hastily removing the security software that we’d got, and replacing it with another, resolved the comments and suggestions problem straight away so we were set up – or so we thought…

Security Issues.

We had used this new software previously so we knew our way around it a bit, so imagine our surprise when this software too was coming up with niggling little errors.

First off, it didn’t like that we’d changed DNS (Domain Name Server) servers from TSO over to Krystal, but a partial security scan, followed by a pause, then a full security scan solved that one.

Then it considered that our Algolia Instant Search was a little dodgy, so we got rid of that too. Which is why now, we’ve reverted back to our manual search with the videos of cats for those search terms with no results.

So apologies in advance for that one, but far better to have a secure website than have dodgy software running on it!

Then finally this morning, we saw that the security software from Krystal itself was being throttled due to too many bot visits on all of the pages and posts.

Quickly going over to our IP tools, we needed to allow the Krystal IP address back in to perform it’s malware and spyware scans, which it is now able to again.

So plenty of techie late-night news on the service re-rack at Midlands Maidens and we hope that you’ll feel more secure now!

The Interview With the Vampire – An Unanswered Question.

As mentioned earlier, we left out one of Leela’s questions in her interview but following a total knob-head getting in touch last night, we’ve decided to resurrect it.

Leela: ‘So that’s explained what you look for in an escort, but what do you look for in a client?’

Steve: We look for someone that is going to give our girls a great time, but is also respectful to the girl for what she does.

For instance – if a client comes out with ‘you got anyone to come and suck my cock?’ or ‘there’s three of us here but my mate is the only one that wants to book an escort’ or ‘ah much fer alf an hour’ – the odds are every one of these clients will have the phone put down on them.

That’s what’s great about being a bloke answering the phones for an escort agency – a bloke KNOWS what another guy wants, but he doesn’t take any bullshit – like he’s probably got away with at female-run escort agencies.

Sure when he realises that the phone’s been put down on him, and he calls back, he usually apologises and we get on swimmingly.

But there are others, like wind-up merchants, or other ex-failed agency owners, or those that had just phoned up for a free sex chat, that are total knob heads and end up calling you names – which we love – as their lack of respect proves that you were fully justified in turning them down in the first place, and they’ll end up humping their hand for the night!

Read the full Interview

We hope you enjoyed our latest techie post, and that any webmasters out there find our solutions useful.

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