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Sex Worker Reviews Metro News

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Sex Worker Reviews Metro News

Sex Worker Reviews Metro News – our reviews of escorts review boards with a curated vision from Miranda Kane of Metro.

By ‘Sex Worker Reviews’, we mean well-known websites such as Punterlink, Punternet, Captain69 etc, which all have a dedicated reviews system in place to show and order their reviews.

What we DON’T mean by ‘Sex Worker or Escort Reviews’ are websites such as Adultwork where the ‘reviews’ can be amended or deleted by the provider being reviewed, or sites using forums that just degenerate into random replies from people that don’t understand how reviews work and need to chip in with their irrelevant two penn’orths.

One ‘website’ that falls into this latter category is UKPunting, which set up an SMF forum and due to a lack of webmaster knowledge, still haven’t progressed from that state.

Midlands Maidens joined up on this forum back in the day, as it seemed to fit in with our mode of ‘free speech’ and morals.

A couple of months later though, we clicked our heels and closed our account on there (yes, we LEFT and were not banned), due to their misogynistic all motivated views, attitudes and lies – so don’t expect a good review for Midlands Maidens from that quarter!

We really couldn’t NOT publish this accurate view by an unrelated writer who shares our views.

Miranda Kane perfectly encapsulates this website for escort reviews Metro far better than we could ever do, and so we’ll pass you over to her for her insights.

Read through it, then come back and view a video that was made many years ago by another critic.


‘Basically, this was a £50 pump and dump.’ Lovely.

Source: Escort review update: This month’s best and worst sex worker reviews | Metro News

Ok as promised, here’s the video for the Escort Reviews Metro thread

A pretty full news item there then, and we hope you enjoyed it.


We’ve just received a comment from one of the UKPunting members, though we’re keeping him anonymous or he wouldn’t be a member anymore.

Review from SpartaPrada in April 2018:

“And that’s when I exploded. I got right into her face and shouted at her, telling the girl that I couldn’t give a ** about what she thought and she’s a liar. She hopped off the bed but I cornered her and continued my tirade at full volume, making sure that my breath was on her face, and I could see her cowering as she was getting back a bit of her own medicine.

All good stuff from the guys at UKPunting then. This one needs arresting for ‘threatening behaviour with malice’ and then castrating. Sharia law DOES have its good points!

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